Checking Out The Past: Rough Science

Rough Science is a British documentary/reality show made by BBC in collaboration with the Open University. Six series were made between 2000 and 2005. The series’ formula consists of a group of five scientists (and a host) with specialities in different fields who are given a task that they must complete using natural resources of the surrounding area together with a small set of supplies

Well, it’s probably only 2 or 3 weeks since I heard about it. And despite me only watching the first 3 episodes and almost abandoning the fourth (I admit that science is not my specialty, especially when there are scientists that came from different fields), I felt that it is a charming premise.

I mean what’s not to like, a host, Kate Humble, who sometimes helped the scientists (by muscle or moral)  instead of simply narrating. The scientists that is focusing on their tasks instead of played up to the cameras. And challenges that were actually challenging and educational (like making a camera? In a deserted island?), which benefits everybody except for the olives.

So give it a try, starting with a YouTube playlist:

Thanks to

Wikipedia for the general summary.

Mr Owl Licks, for the playlist

P.S: There is a website for this, highlight,  paste and go. You might be interested.


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