Flash Games: Don’t Escape

Looking back, I think that my biggest love in my childhood is in gaming.

And that’s it, so I might get some games and try to review it.

And you know what’s best to review?

Free Flash Games.

Don’t Escape is a escape room game. But this one had a inverted mechanic: This time, you have to NOT escape.

Why, because you are a werewolf, but you don’t want to kill people, and you want avoid bullets shooting through your heart. The plot is simple as that.

The length of the game can depends on how you find and mix your items. Gathering wood to make yourself a soup, or reading your own journal in a normal daylight or absolute darkness.

Overall, it’s a good game if you want to have a time off. So give it a try.

Thanks to Kongregate, the website where I will mainly get my games from, and the game designers Scriptwelder.


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