Flash Games: House Flip

First off, this is a great game.

It’s about you, a contractor or a builder, buy a house,

renovate the house, and sell the house.

In buying the house, there are 4 big pages, which ranges from easiest to hardest (or from cheapest to dearest). For me, I just chose the cheapest house in Page 1,2,3 or 4.

Then the main element, renovation, where you fix the windows, tile up your walls and carpet your floors. While there are other elements (like patios, toilet and the sink), if you want to make quicker cash, just ignore it.

Finally, the selling, where you have 8 buyers, each with 3 desires for their future homes. Choose just 1 client (the best when they want windows, floors and walls, it’s just seemed more profitable), and renovate it to their needs.

That’s about it, thank you and here’s the game, brought to you by The Article Group 19 and Shockwave.


P.S: Just play in this website, after you finish selling, you have to endure a black screen for a while so that you’ll get Shockwave coins. But it’s fine, since the music is great, just a bit repetitive.


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