Flash Games: Picma- Picture Enigmas

From my experience in playing flash games, puzzle is one of my top choices. So when I see that this game is released, I immediately clicked it. So here is it.

Despite having a newspaper as a background, Picma-Pictures Enigmas has surprisingly, no story at all. In fact, the main character only has a spoken scene at a tutorial, and then disappear after that.

The charm about this game though, is the game mechanics. This game has three puzzle modes: Plus, Squared and Link. All of their completed goals is a puzzle.

Plus: Requires you to fill in the colors from a horizontal and vertical sequence. It’s a rather well-known mode to be honest, check Pixelo if you want a more simpler versionĀ of this mode, due to the fact it has only 1 color.

Squared: Requires you to fill in the colors that is surrounding a box of 9 which makes a square, like paint 5 yellows in a square when it requires 5. This mode is my favorite, because it is rather new and challenging.

Link: Requires you to link the same numbers, like 2 to 2, and 5 to 5.

Unfortunately, this game only has 36 free pictures each. Well, this has a paid content to unlock other puzzles, which you have to buy with Picma coins.

Other that using real cash, the way you can earn Picma coins is to create a puzzle for Picma to earn a chance to get coins orvote, which gives you a consistent 4 coins for 10 pictures to judge, and then wait again. Create a puzzle is easier, while voting is more consistent.

Overall, try it if you want, especially if you are an artiste.


Thanks to Kongregate and the game designer Moonberry Studios

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