Poems: Chess

Chess, I did played it, but nowadays it’s kinda rare.

The time where played it seriously is in my father’s birthday 2 or 3 years ago, which I gift him a chess set and we started playing. All the time we played, I lost, even though my dad comments that I’m improving. Still, I’m impressed that I have seen a strategic side from my dad.

At that time I collected newspaper about chess, search for some websites about chess, I also did downloaded a free app that makes you plays chess with an AI. All the time we played, I lost, even on Level 1. And then suddenly, I just stopped playing.

Maybe strategy is not my main strength.


A row of marbled faces, eerily looking the same,
Vulnerably standing, with no fear or shame.

The King is calm and quiet, simple in his speed.
Short on time and energy, filled with anger and greed.

The Queen beside him controlling, no where she can’t go,
She moves with mighty vengeance, a smooth ebb and flow.

The Bishop is almighty; hoping none of them will fall.
Crossing back and forth, giving his blessings to them all.

The Rook is our tower, hidden, way off to the side.
It’s there our King can castle if he needs somewhere to hide.

I watch the game play out before me, strategy and endurance.
With a rhythmic to and fro, the battle is a bloody dance.

Protect the King at all costs, that is our passionate creed.
Give to him our faithfulness and he will return our need.

Everyone of us is special, we all play a key role to winning.
He admires and will provide for us, he tells us at the beginning.

When the knight stood in front of me, with his steel sword drawn.
I realized right then and there, all I was is just a pawn

Cassandra Nance & Tim Smith


Meaning Of Words

1. Ebb And Flow: To decrease and then increase.

Literature References:

a. Dimmesdale effected an arrangement by which the two were lodged in the same house; so that every ebb and flow of the minister’s life-tide might pass under the eye of his anxious and attached physician.–The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthrone

b.  The crowd moved to and fro in the rooms like an ebb and flow of turquoises, rubies, emeralds, opals, and diamonds. –The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

2. Creed: A system of belief and principles.

Literature References:

a. Nor seems it strange indeed To hold the happy creed That all fair things that bloom and die Have conscious life as well as I.– The Guardian by Walter Horatio Pater

b. “If we take you with us,” he said, in solemn words, “it can only be as believers in our own creed.– A Study In Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Thanks to Poetry Soup, a website for aspiring poets.

The Free Dictionary by Farlex


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