Flash Games: The Trader Of Stories

Around the time that I played flash games in Kongregate, I believe that this is actually the first game that I rated 5 stars. There are reasons, maybe the cheerful music, the peaceful atmosphere, or the story.

In this game, you will be playing as Myosotis, who is known in this world as “The Trader Of Stories”. In this game, she was going on one of her trips when suddenly her wheel broke down. Luckily for her, there’s a village nearby, and even better, there is a story there…

I cannot really say a lot about the gameplay, since this is only a point and click adventure, and a pretty easy one at that when you are looking really carefully. And playing this game again I feels that the storyline should gives us more impact when we read it. But then again, we and Myosotis were just spectators in this village and the story, and in a story that is sometimes bridged by our speculations, it will be pushing our luck to finding truth.

So go try it out, if you like a small break in a short day, this game is for you.


Thanks to Kongregate and Pastel Games

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