Poem Collection: Old And New (Part Left)

Disclaimer: I did not write the poems myself, I just only picked poems from other authors that might work with each other. And this is my first time I have done this since some time ago, so please be a little bit forgiving.

I actually do not have a whole lot to do on the INTERNET (except that I have a coursework to finish in my college, which I am still a little bit laggy about it). So part of my time is to just check out the stats of how my blog is doing.

Right now, it seems that Picma-Picture Enigmas (which I post this month) has the highest view count for this time. Which kinda makes me hypothise, as this is the only game I recommended that is the youngest (in 2014, every game else is at least 1 year older), are that people wants to look at the new trends.

So that’s the inspiration that makes me try something new as well, a poem collection and this is about The Old and The New (Although this category might be really rare for me to touch on in the future, but it’s a try).

Portrait of an Old Woman on the College Tavern Wall

  Oh down at the tavern
the children are singing
around their round table
and around me still.
Did you hear what it said?
                   I only said
how there is a pewter urn
pinned to the tavern wall,
as old as old is able
to be and be there still.
I said, the poets are there
I hear them singing and lying
around their round table
and around me still.
Across the room is a wreath
made of a corpse’s hair,
framed in glass on the wall,
as old as old is able
to be and be remembered still.
Did you hear what it said?
      I only said
how I want to be there and I
would sing my songs with the liars
and my lies with all the singers.
And I would, and I would but
it’s my hair in the hair wreath,
my cup pinned to the tavern wall,
my dusty face they sing beneath.
Poets are sitting in my kitchen.
Why do these poets lie?
Why do children get children and
Did you hear what it said?
  I only said
how I want to be there,
Oh, down at the tavern
where the prophets are singing
around their round table
until they are still.
Anne Sexton, 1981
The Complete Poems Of Anne Sexton

Meaning Of Words

1. Pewter: Any of numerous silver-gray alloys of tin with various amounts of antimony, copper, and sometimes lead, used widely for fine kitchen utensils and tableware.
Literature References:
a.  All round the room big barrels stood against the walls, fastened at the bottom so they wouldn’t tumble with the rolling of the ship; and above the barrels, pewter jugs of all sizes hung from wooden pegs.
-The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting
b. On the table — in token that the sentiment of old English hospitality had not been left behind — stood a large pewter tankard, at the bottom of which, had Hester or Pearl peeped into it, they might have seen the frothy remnant of a recent draught of ale.
-The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthrone
2.  Wreath:  A ring or circlet of flowers, boughs, or leaves worn on the head, placed on a memorial, or hung as a decoration.
Literature References:
a. Through the crowd there came a little form, a wreath of pure white violets lay among the bright locks that fell so softly round the gentle face, where a deep blush glowed, as, kneeling at the throne, little Violet said:–
– Flower Fables by Louisa May Alcott
b. On the lowest green bough hung an abundant wreath of roses, some that had been gathered in the sunniest spots of the forest, and others, of still richer blush, which the colonists had reared from English seed.
-From Twice Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthrone

Thanks to Poetry Foundation and The Free Dictionary

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