Poem Collection: Old And New (Part Right)

There are only 2 poems I would be releasing, why not finish it now.

(And isn’t it strange that this poem said that it is released in 1980, while the author herself died in 1946?)


We knew.
    Anne to come.
    Anne to come.
    Be new.
    Be new too.
    Anne to come
    Anne to come
    Be new
    Be new too.
    And anew.
    Anne to come.
    Anne anew.
    Anne do come.
    Anne do come too, to come and to come not to come and as to
and new, and new too.
    Anne do come.
    Anne knew.
    Anne to come.
    Anne anew.
    Anne to come.
    And as new.
    Anne to come to come too.
    Half of it.
    Was she
    Was she
    Or mine
    Was she
    Or as she
    For she or she or sure.
    Enable her to say.
    And enable her to say.
    Or half way.
    Sitting down.
    Half sitting down.
    And another way.
    Their ships
    And please.
    As the other side.
    And another side
    Favorable and be fought.
    Adds to it.
    In half.
    Take the place of take the place of take the place of taking
    Take the place of in places.
    Take the place of taken in place of places.
    Take the place of it, she takes it in the place of it. In the way
of arches architecture.
    Who has seen shown
    You do.
    If can in countenance to countenance a countenance as in as
    Change it.
    Not nearly so much.
    He had.
    She had.
    Had she.
    He had nearly very nearly as much.
    She had very nearly as much as had had.
    Had she.
    She had.
    Loose loosen, Loose losten to losten, to lose.
    If a little if as little if as little as that.
    If as little as that, if it is as little as that that is if it is very nearly all of it, her dear her dear does not mention a ball at all.
    As to this.
    Actually as to this.
    High or do you do it.
    Actually as to this high or do you do it.
    Not how do you do it.
    Actually as to this.
    Not having been or not having been nor having been or not
having been.
    All of this makes it unanxiously.
    Feel so.
    Add to it.
    As add to it.
    As add to it.
    As add to it.
    As he
    As he as add to it.
    As he
    Add to it.
    Not so far.
    Constantly as seen.
    Not as far as to mean.
    I mean I mean.
    As far.
    So far.
    He forbore.
    To forbear.
    Their forbears.
    In so far.
    For instance.
    In so far.
Gertrude Stein, 1980
The Yale Gertrude Stein

Meaning Of Words

1. Anew: Once more, again.
Literature References
a. She settled in two tiny rooms in Westminster, and faced the world anew.
– Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham
b. The women burst anew into cries as if they had all been stabbed.
– Maggie: A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane
2. Countenance: Appearance, especially the expression of the face
Literature References
a. Eleanor’s countenance was dejected, yet sedate; and its composure spoke her inured to all the gloomy objects to which they were advancing.
– Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
b. He complied with the most accommodating spirit imaginable; and went on eating and chatting, and laughing and smearing himself, until his whole countenance shone with grease and good-humor.
-The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, U.S.A., in the Rocky Mountains and the far West by Washington Irving
3. Forbear: To keep oneself from doing something; Refrain
Literature References
a. Some forbear it, not upon negligence alone, but doubting to bring themselves into melancholy, in respect they shall find it broken.
– The Essays by Sir Francis Bacon
b. It is not easy to forbear reflecting with how little reason these men profess themselves the followers of Jesus, who left this great characteristic to His disciples, that they should be known by loving one another, by universal and unbounded charity and benevolence.
-A Voyage to Abyssinia by Father Lobo

Thanks to Poetry Foundation and The Free Dictionary.


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