Flash Games: Flight

Christmas…Well, my family don’t celebrate Christmas, but we did experience lots of things that is influenced by Christmas, books, movies and games. Coincidentally, this game actually starts in a time around Christmas (which is funny, as the game is released in late January). Prematurely, Merry Christmas.

The story involves a girl named Sally in London, who writes a letter to Santa so that she could see her mother again. She then fold it to a paper plane and let it fly so it could reach Santa. Amazingly, this paper plane is magical, instead of just lying on the ground after it is thrown, it just keep flying and flying around the world until it reaches the North Pole. Along the way, the plane met several unique people, who has their own stories to tell.

For the gameplay, you hold the paper plane and throw it as far as possible. While it is simple, it is also inefficient, so we get upgrades to help the plane, which includes controls, fuel and a mystery item. Along the way of flight, the plane collect stars (which is this game currency), cranes (the multiplier for the stars) and pinwheels (boosting your plane to fly when you are in low altitude, and I wonder where all of them come from)

So, give this game a shot, especially on Christmas to warm up the Christmas spirits.


Thanks to Kongregate and copyrighter Armor Games


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