Flash Games: Sequence

In truth, I think that my flash games reviews will be rarer and rarer, as my laptop turned out to be inefficient in running with (Adobe?) Flash Player, so my gameplay with this computer tends to be really laggy, and this applies to WordPress as well, I could run circles when I write in Microsoft Word over writing in WordPress.

But nonetheless, here is my new Flash Game review.

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I’m Bored And Watch Videos: The Katering Show

When you see an intro of Kate McClennan forcefully tearing out a twig of leaves to show legitimacy as a foodie, Kate McCartney first line is asshole, their awkwardness of hosting together, and the intro being an intestine pooping out foods that are intolerant to McCartney, you know that is show is going to be a trainwreck, and a laughable, watchable one since even the worst victim just needing a castration to be safe and sound again, and he wants to be a woman to marry an Amazon.

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Reality Tv Thoughts: Length In Seasons

I have watched a fair share of reality tv, mostly from the US, in my childhood. Since then, I have started to take notice of all the reality shows in all around the world…somewhat (notably Asia, Australia and the UK).

And during that time, I realized that not all reality shows have the same format in the US. And for this blogpost, I want to specifically talk about length in seasons.

In my experiences, there are 3 types of lengths: Short, Standard and Long

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Thoughts: Junoir Apprentice Season 1

After getting myself too lax at my recap in Apprentice: Martha Stewart. I decided to forgive myself into writing about an Apprentice series in the UK, but not just any original Apprentice, but Junior Apprentice, the one where teenagers from 16-17 compete with each other for 25,000 pounds.

P.S: Apparently UK teens watches this for (GCSE) General Certificate of Secondary Education homework, cool trivia.

Hosted by Lord Sugar, billionaire that founded Amstrad, along with his 2 boardroom judges aka people the contestants could have benefit more if the producers ever make them mentors, Nick Hewer & Karen Brady.

I have finished the first season, and with fully watching just 1 season (which is ironically, Martha Stewart), here are my thoughts.

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Amazing Race China 2 (2015): China, which is the Finale. And Thoughts

Finally, after another week of waiting and blogging other shows, the finale of the Amazing Race China.

Who is going to win the Infiniti Cars and another load of donation money?

Is it Team Chopsticks, who survived time over time in getting 7 out of 9 bottom 2 placements before finally getting a leg win and beating Team Running Man?

Is it Team Married, who started off well but now placing rather okay?

Or is it Team Happy Junior, where after WuXin nearly missing the flight, placing consistently and having a huge disaster in Thailand putting them at a time disadvantage?

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