Reality Tv: Amazing Race China Season 1, Cast

Honestly, I’m currently a little bit tired in sharing Flash Games, so I decided to do a recap for a season to people who can’t understand Chinese. Currently, I still have two episodes to go, but I am finally ready to start.

Plus, this season is different for the fact that it’s a celebrity season. And I’ll be introducing the cast from left to right, 2 by 2.

Disclaimer: In my years, my focus in the Asia entertainment industry was on Hong Kong and Taiwan, sorry China. And even then my focus wasn’t that broad.

Ying Cai’er & Liu Yun (Team Besties)

The only female team in this season, they are both actresses. Both of them pointed the “spoiled” finger at each other, and they are finally happy in that their promise got to travel together is finally true, with a bonus of not paying a single dime.

Do I know them: Sorry, the only thing I know about them is that Cai’er married Chen Xiaochun (who is on a different team)

Jin Dachuan & Liu Chang (Team Buddies)

Both of them are models according to the cast previews and their build, and it’s difficult for me to know who’s who.

Do I know them: Sorry, and neither did Wikipedia in Chinese language.

Bai Jugang & Guan Xiaotong (Team Classmates)

Jugang is a singer and Xiaotong is an actress, with an addition for being underage at the time of filming. I have a question, how are they classmates?

Do I know them: Sorry, they are from China, not my focus area.

Zhong Hanliang & Jackie (Team Siblings)

Hanliang is a well known star in China, while Jackie is a firefighter. Jackie pointed the “spoiled” finger at her brother, and due to their different lifestyles, they are racing to bond with each other.

Do I know them: Jackie is not included, while I’ve heard of Hanliang and his hit song.

Chen Xiaochun & Zheng Yijian (Team Bros)

Both of them are stars in Hong Kong, due to starring in Young And Dangerous (古惑仔之人在江湖), they (and the movie franchise) shotted themselves to the A-List.

Do I know them: Even I have never watch their movies, I have definitely heard of them.

Zhang Tielin & Yueliang/Izabela (Team P.Bonding, it stands for Parental Bonding)

Tielin is a well known actor in China, and his signature role is 乾隆帝 (The Qianlong Emperor) in any Chinese History Dramas, while Izabela is his daughter. They lived apart from each other from 20 years, to the point that Tielin was sad not being able to talk with each other in their own native tongue. So they took this time to bond with each other.

Do I know them: Tielin is from China, while Izabela is out of the question.

Li Xiaopeng & Li Anqi (Team Married)

Xiaopeng is already unique just by being an athlete (look at everyone else, singers, actors and models, can’t we have at least include a news reporter?), and an Olympic Gold medalist in gymnastics (primarily parallel bars). While Anqi is a housewife, and both of them have a daughter named Olivia.

Do I know them: I don’t watch the Olympics a lot.

Chen Yiru & Zhou Weitong (Team Friends)

Yiru is a singer from 飛輪海 (one of the more famous boyband in Taiwan) and Weitong is dubbed as China’s first supermodel. They both claimed that they like sports, and both of them decided to race despite not meeting each other in person much.

Do I know them: I don’t know Weitong, but I know definitely Yiru. Ironically for me, he is not as well known as his bandmates, which I know him the most in this cast. So to compensate for this, here’s one of his band’s music video for finishing this post, and I might start my recap in a days later.

Thanks YouTube!

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