Amazing Race China Season 1: New York, USA

Before I start this review, I have to say that I will separate the segments in tasks by tasks, and end up with my my final thoughts. So let’s get this race started.

And the episode, before the recap.

Task 1: Balloon, Balloon, Give Me Your Key (Location: Shenzhen, Guandong)

The opening task, teams had to search among 50 balloons for one of only eight with car keys attached to them. Then they have to self drive to Luohu Stadium to take a taxi who would take them to Hong Kong Airport for their first destination city: New York, New York. The first 4 teams that arrive will have a 2 hour advantage over the last 4.

Thoughts (Will be substituted with from now on):

CT: Anyway, it’s okay for an opening task, though main difficulty seems to stem from the self driving.

VT: Funny that Team Siblings got penalized just for abandoning his crew members, since not many viewers care about crew members that travel with them.

Task 2: I’m In The Billboards (Location: Times Square, Manhattan)

In Times Square, teams had to find they had to look through many electronic billboards for one that would show them their next location they’re going.

CT: A good task that show off one of the nights in the US.

VT: One of the best task to identify some The Amazing Race fans.

Team Bros: Hi, we were looking for Theater Circle on 44th Street.

Policeman: (After telling the directions.) So what team are you now? How many teams are left? Is The Amazing Race Asia having a new season?

Team Classmates: (Just arrived in US and queuing for a cab)…(People noticed Jugang’s Amazing Race envelops, gave up their queue for them) Thank you very much, thank you very much.

Team Friends: Where is the clue?

Shoppers & Party-Goes: Lion King! Lion King! We are on TV, Woo Hoo!

Task 3: Clue Snoop (Theater Circle, Manhattan)

After their really good sleep (In hotels, no less!).  Teams search the store for their next clue. In there, they went in according to the times where  teams pick up the up a souvenir keychain they picked up for last task.

CT: Would be a really good task if it wasn’t for everyone pointing out that some clues are not hidden well (to the point that a clue is displayed outside!)

Roadblock 1: Let Me Take A Selfie (Plaza Hotel, Manhattan)

Teams walk everywhere to have three selfies with the 5 possible people, and they need a kiss on the cheek to move on:

a. A person with white hair

b. Child in a stroller

c. A person with the opposite sex that wears a wedding ring

d. Someone lying on the ground

e. A person with a briefcase

T:  Surprisingly demanding from the photographer,

VT: Fun challenge that show one of the trends in 2014, and the first meltdown of the season in Izabela (in Team P.Bonding, she’s surprisingly boring, and there’s not excuse because she can’t speak Chinese).

Detour 1: Good Body (East River Park, Manhattan)

Become a football player and do a football drill run in one try to proceed:

Step 1: Running in the tyres without falling over

Step 2: Push past a gauntlet of football players

Step 3: Kick a football over a group of players

CT: Most teams finish this task on the first try, and it better be if they don’t want to end up like Xiaotong, as it is still exhausting when you need to do it again and again.

Detour 2: Good Memory (Lombardi’s Pizza, Manhattan)

Become a pizza delivery guy.  Memorize three three orders and send them to proceed.

CT: Most of the teams don’t want to risk going to places that they weren’t familiar. And the task is boring.

VT: Labor task. And a memorable verbal argument started between Cai’er and the owner due to one of the orders. The consequence for this makes Team Besties sharply dropped from the lead to bottomfeeders from now on.

Overall I think it was slightly unbalanced as Good Body will probably be anybody first choice for non US citizens, including myself.

Task 4: Hot Dogs, Now With 4 Different Flavors (Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan)

After an exercise or a job, teams rest up and dine in 4 different (as in, Hot, Sour, Sweet, Spicy, why Hot instead of Salty?) styles of hot dog to receive their next clue.

T: Looking at the teams reaction after the task, it’s probably not fun, except for Team Buddies, who should thank this task for beating Team Married for 1st and the Express Pass.

Roadblock 2: Can You Houdini Yourself? (Hollywood Stuns NYC, Brooklyn)

Tied up in a straitjacket and free yourself while hung upside-down at a height of four storeys. After this, climb to a platform and take a large leap onto a soft landing pad and proceed.

T: Ok thrill task, just didn’t like the fact teams have to be queued one by one which it is the last task and not making it as an usual Double Roadbloack (As Izabela clearly did both Roadblock that leg, which should be granted a penalty)

Prize: Double Express Pass (Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn)

T: It’s a staple, and it’s amazing that Team Siblings managed to get penalized again (this time for braking traffic laws), which is enough to put them in the second flight for the next leg, and what a bummer for them. And great costume, Uncle Sam.

And I won’t be posting the standings of the teams, these jobs are for Wikipedia, sorry.

In the Amazing Race History, US is quite rare as a racing leg, since the Amazing Race starts from the US (Which the producers don’t bother using except for the last leg, unless it is the Family Version) and the International Versions don’t have many contestants that have the necessary visas to travel there. So my reaction would probably be as excited as Team Classmates when the heard of it.

P.S: Please give some constructive criticisms to make me improve, but don’t force me to write overall though for each leg, you’ll know mine in the task segments. Thank you.


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