The Amazing Race China Season 1: Texas, USA

Onto the next leg, where’s everything is bigger in Texas.

They had a new format for this series, where they equalize the teams by their placement instead of time. In this leg, the first team have a 5 minute head start over the second team, and the fourth teams will have a 1 hour lead over the fifth teams. Despite celebrities will not be fighting for flights from now on, it is still very debilitating as an equalizer for bottom feeders.

Detour 1: Snap (Cross Eyed Moose Antiques, Fort Worth)

Teams had to find a wall that shows eight antique photographs. They had to memorize the exact scenario of one of these photographs and then enter the store and then recreate the entire scenario for a photographer. If everything was correct, teams would proceed. If they failed, teams had to completely remove their costumes before trying again.

CT: Quite challenging as a mental task even one photo is used, and forcing you to run a distance to the wall is quite a nasty setback of failure either. Though it did turned out well for Team Bros, where this task propels them to the lead.

Detour 2: Stomp (Billy’s Bob Texas, Forth Worth)

Learn and perform a line dance.

CT: Remember the Line Dancing Roadblock for Alberta in Amazing Race Canada 1 (or any dancing tasks in general)? Make it that both contestants had to do it in the same time, so some trained dancers had to teach their partners to dance as well. Also challenging.

Overall: They are both balanced. I would choose Stomp because I want to learn dacning.

Task 1: Ride Like A Cowboy (Fort Worth Stockyards – Water Tower, Fort Worth)

Ride a mechanical bull in cowboy style, hold it for 45 seconds to proceed.

CT: Depends on the person who’s doing it, it will either be easy or a chore, though the time frame 45 seconds is not really a long wait if you fail, especially when you’re alone

Speedbump: Letters In A Maze (Fort Worth Stockyards – Cowtown Cattlepen Maze, Fort Worth)

After getting in last, Team Classmates had to search a maze for 4 letters that spell out “MAZE” when assembled to continue racing.

CT: When Team Classmates felt that they took half an hour to finish it, it maybe can qualify for an actual task.

Roadblock 1: Armadillo Race (Mainstay Farm, Cleburne)

After botching to say armadillo in Chinese (犰狳, qiú yú), and forcing teams to run to the entrance to get the clue, teams had guide an armadillo to a playing area by blowing or luring with worms to proceed.

CT: Really tiring for the celebrities.

VT: Fun to watch, and it seems the producers want to exhaust all of the celebrities as possible.

Task 2: Hay Bale (Farm, Grandview)

Go to an unknown farm and roll over hay bales until they found one that had their next clue beneath,.

CT: Even with 2 people, clue just under the bale and choosing 1 from 50 hay bales, it’s still hay bales, physically exhausting.

Roadblock 2: Memories When You’re In A Zip (Beaumont Ranch, Grandview)

Ride a zip line over the ranch, and along the way would be able to see six pictures. After getting off the zip line, choose from a set of pictures to find the same pictures they saw along the way and put them in the correct order to proceed. Requires the member that do not finish the Armadillo Roadblock.

CT: Ended up being the task that determine the team that would be eliminated. And it is a great combination of guts and mental tasks, especially when gut tasks became less and less of a thrill.

Prize: None (Beaumont Ranch- Bell House, Grandview)

I’m surprised that there are no prizes for this leg, especially when teams had to locate themselves (though only Team Married needed some times to locate it, everyone else just know where to go) to the Pitstop after all the bruises and stamina drain they went though, by FOOT!

Though it’s funny how the first and the last teams had the same penalty of 1 team member doing both Roadblocks in 1 leg (But please, the rules needed to be consistent for the next season). And Team Married got trolled when they met Team Bros who were standing outside the Pitstop and thought they might be first.

As for the eliminated team, Team Classmates, both Xiaotong phobias and Jugang niceness really dragged them down, given that they had a good start in the Stomp Detour (especially when Team Besties got horrible drivers again and again).

But at least they get to go home with the host, Andy On, who will be replaced with Allan Wu (remember him, the host of The Amazing Race Asia?). From now on (Though why they don’t just stick with Andy for the rest of the season?).

Overall, I loved this leg how physically and mentally challenging it is, and with some modifications in increasing the difficulty, this leg can became a great leg for any finale of the US version.

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