Amazing Race China Season 1: Delhi, India

One part of the cons in this season is that it was not consecutive, due to the fact these celebrities are for once, really well known. To the fact that they had to travel back to China for some professional matters, jobs and had a good night rest in their house or at least 3 star hotels before they went to the next leg, India.

Sure, the first 2 wouldn’t be fun, but it’s nicer over sleeping badly in airport floors.


P.S: Sorry for the long wait.

Allan Wu is hosting this leg, and the rest of the season. Before the leg started, the second Express Pass is given.

Wei Tong, Team Friends: Your T-Shirts are cool !

Han Liang, Team Siblings: Hi.

Tie Lin, Team P.Bonding: I have bad physical stamina and I want to have me the Express Pass.

Team Buddies give it to Team P.Bonding.

Team Friends & Team Siblings: No!

Team P.Bonding: Hey, we did explain more.

Task 1: Namaste (Qutb Minar, Delhi)

With 5 minutes apart from the 1st to 2nd team and vise versa, teams take a tuk-tuk to the location and greet the clue giver with the phrase Namaste (Hello in Hindi)

CT: Boring

VT: Good if you want to learn a new phrase,

Detour 1: Happy Fish (Gazipur Market, Delhi)

Transport 25 fish from 1 stall to another stall.

VT: Really easy compared to the other Detour

CT: Producers were probably crestfallen to see these celebrities finish this without any problem.

Detour 2: Sweet Flower (Gazipur Market, Delhi)

Memorize a traditional flower garland and create it.

VT: Need a good sense of attention to detail, and time consuming.

CT: An okay learning experience to learn how to use flowers as an ingredient.

Overall: Totally unbalanced, when Team Married, who started off second saw Team Besties (who started off last and got themselves to the Fish Market first), the choice is easy. Team Buddies also realize this and use their Fast Forward after they were U-Turned. Though I will chose the Sweet Flower Detour because I don’t want to shower one more time.

This U-Turn is a Double U-Turn, only one slot was used by Team Siblings, who were caught red handed by Team Buddies.

Team Buddies: Why do you U-Turn us?

Team Siblings: You’re strong, and your legs were long.

Team Buddies: Well, we will rivals from now on. And we are not going to U-Turn anybody even Team Married is lagging behind.

Task 2: Bollywood (Eagle Films Studio, Delhi)

Perform a Bollywood dance, and act while speaking Hindu.

CT: It’s a skill task, so it’s good. 

VT: But if it wasn’t for Australia 2 (which is sadly watched the first 2 episodes in YouTube), I might have liked it more. That said, kinda ridiculous that of all the teams, Team Married finish it the fastest, as both of them were neither singer, actor nor model. Team Married defeated everyone in everyone main specialty, performing.

And Team P.Bonding used their 2nd Express Pass because of everyone really struggled with speaking Hindu and being really frustrated, which they still watched after having the next clue.

Task 3: Clue In Henna Tattoos (New Friends Colony Community Market – Jitender Rajasthani Mehandi Wala, Delhi)

Received washable henna tattoos, get locals to read it for you.

CT: Cool task especially in a rainy day.

VT: But not really exciting to watch.

Roadblock: Holi Identification (Defence Colony Club Sport Complex, Delhi)

Identify a local when they are celebrating a Holi festival, which includes throwing dyes to everyone.

T: Passable.

Prize: A year’s supply of Satine Organic Milk and a personal driver and vehicle for the next leg.

T: Cool advantage, I just hope that it is free.

As for the eliminated team, Team Besties, I might miss them for bringing a little sass in their short run. And sucks to be them for being in a leg that should be a non-elimination leg (the next 2 was) and Liu Yun for failing to learn Hindu quickly.

And sorry, for me this leg just lack the excitement, especially after Texas


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