Amazing Race China Season 1: Jaipur, India

Time for us to go to another Indian country.

And I might try a new system. Which  I have 2 types of thoughts, CT stands for challenge thoughts and VT stands for viewer thoughts.

Task 1: Turban (Jantar Mantar, Jaipur)

Find 1 turban in 50 men that give the next clue, if it wasn’t the right turban, rewrap before moving.

CT: Seen it from the TAR Australia 2 India leg, with a more slower pace and more knowledge on how to wrap a turban. VT: A nice location, and a fine place to learn how to wrap a turban.

Roadblock: Cricket (Cricket Stadium, Jaipur)

Play cricket, hit 1 of the 6 ball thrown to them to receive the next clue.

CT: Kinda easy, especailly when you don’t have a set target.

VT: Boring.

Fast Forward: Manure Patty (Jaipur Neighborhood, Jaipur)

Prepare 50 manure dung cakes, and stick them to a wall.

CT: A normal task that was shown in TAR Unfinished Business and TAR Australia 2. Producers would have thought that celebrities are vain enough not to do it. They should have do Head Shaving, it is easily more diabolical to the celebrities (just ask Team Buddies, they would rather eat manure than being bald).

VT: But manure is always eww. And Team Siblings won because Team Bros are vain enough to have makeup when they are still doing the task.

Detour 1: Slow Down (Jhamundas Girdhari Temple, Jaipur)

Do 5 yoga poses in 2 minutes.

CT: Challenging and creative, especially the 3rd and 5th pose, yikes.

VT: I would have fun learning them with somebody who is not a guy with the same size as me (as Team Bros and Team Buddies found out)

Detour 2: Hurry Up (Balaji Pottery, Jaipur)

Deliver 32 clay pots with one tricycle to another location.

CT: Challenging and the rain makes it worse. Team Friends was even scolded by a camera crew being really rude and Yiru broke a distance rule (Which he was scolded by Weitong, who from this episode now on, became akin to a nagging mother after doing this task when she compared the pots to her babies)

VT: Labor work, no.

Winner: Slow Down, because it’s yoga.

Task 2: Chant To Ganesha (Somewhere around Jaipur)

Upon meeting a guy who knew Chinese, hear an Indian Folk tale about Ganesha, and pray to him.

Oh wait, this is not even a task.

P.S: Due to the weather condition, an additional task was canceled.

Prize: A huge money advantage in AED 1200 for the next leg (Amber Fort, Jaipur)

VT: For the next leg, the other teams had only AED 120 for the next leg, which is extremely huge. And I am sorry, this India trip is really boring.


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