Amazing Race China Season 1: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Time for celebrities to be in the Arabian world.

Task 1: The Inspiration For Burj Khalifa (Burj Khalifa, Dubai)

After a nice breakfast and getting their allowance (which Team Siblings got an AED 1080 advantage over all the other teams). Celebrities leave to Burj Khalifa to pick a plant that becomes an inspiration for the building. Inflated their ego by a worker before using the elevator to go the highest floor of the tower to give their answer to the judge to proceed.

CT: When there are poster that show the spider lily being an inspiration and later teams found the some of the flowers missing, it’s just time consuming.

VT: Fun lesson in construction and flower message.

Detour 1: Frozen (Mall of the Emirates – Ski Dubai, Dubai)

Bowling time, ride a toboggan back down in ski slope to hit all the ten snow men in 2 tries.

CT: Quite challenging.

VT: Ridiculously fun to play, and ridiculously fun looking at Weitong starting to turn into a naggy girlfriend.

Weitong, Team Friends: Calvin (Yiru’s English name), I wanted to go skiing. (After 10+ tries) Heck this Calvin, let’s just go driving- (Calvin hits all the snowmen) Yeah, Calvin.

Detour 2: Fast And Furious (Dubai Autodrome, Dubai)

Drive a course in a 48 second limit.

CT: Meh.

VT: But I don’t mind it in a vacation list.

Overall: Frozen is more fun, but Fast & Furious gets the job done.

Double Battle: Camel Polo (Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, Dubai)

Two teams faced off against each other in a game of camel polo. Once a team scored three goals against the opposing team, they would be allowed to move on. The last team that lost had to wait before arriving.

CT: Really challenging, and would be better if contestants are allowed to ride the camel themselves.

VT: Also great with in a vacation list and the drama with it.

Weitong, Team Friends: Calvin, everyone said that green is the lucky color. I don’t care Calvin, tell them that I want to wear green. (When Team P.Bonding arrived) Hahaha, a man is good for a race (to Tielin, an old guy, who is still a man)

Speedbump: Arabian Makeup (Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, Dubai)

The last team, Team Bros had to paint a traditional Arabian face painting onto each other’s faces to continue a face.

CT: Okay as a Speedbump

VT: Cool to watch a part of a culture, I guess. And if this was only other version, they would have stuck with their makeup to move on.

Roadblock: Skydive (Skydive Dubai, Dubai)

Skydive from a plane to a ground

CT: Boring

VT: Kind of neat to show the instruction of how to skydive though.

Team Bros: Team Siblings, repent your decision for U-Turning us by borrowing us money.

Task 2: Hospitality, Celebrities (Burj Al Arab, Dubai)

Clean up a hotel room there using a properly made room as a guide.

CT: Season 24 Hotel Task, with less service outfits and more places to clean

VT: Labor task.

Weitong: Calvin, I have a goldfish memory of 1,2…7 poof I forgot already. Calvin, you have no confidence in me, I really can remember the bottom floor. Calvin, please work together.

Prize: Trip to Jordan, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea. A 5 star spa service… (Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai)

“And a year supply of Satine Organic Milk” Allan Wu in a Aladdin costume.

Team Married: …Ya?

T: But seriously, that is an amazing prize for a leg win, it’s a full package.

Next leg, is harder, so stay tune.

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