Amazing Race China Season 1: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Erimates

Onto to the next trip in the Arabian Seas. And I decided that separating into 2 thoughts is just stupid.

In a special twist, this leg all the teams start at the same time, and were blessed by a tiger’s kiss to start their new leg.

Speed Bump: Tiger Pool Clean Up (Sharjah Aristocratic Villa, Abu Dhabi)

Before starting the Detour, Team P.Bonding had to use a scooping tool to remove all of the plastic balls from the pool before continuing.

T: Labor work for a Speedbump, next.

Detour 1: Sharp Eyes (Sharjah Aristocratic Villa, Abu Dhabi)

Search the correct eyes of the Arabian women in the villa, and match them to a board. To make it more difficult, team members are tied into wristbands.

T: Really difficult, to the point where teams that initially chose this Detour decided that it was a hassle. Since the woman’s eyes in the board had different makeup in the house, making it more confusing. And the judges didn’t tell what match is exactly correct. For myself, it would be quite rude for me to look at their eyes just to do a challenge. And Calvin (Team Friends) really dodge a bullet if Weitong insist to do it one more try. Because…

Weitong, Team Friends: Calvin! Please, I am a supermodel, I can differentiate the female facial features if you give me time.

Oh, not this line (I just made that up), but the next Detour.

Detour 2: Seeing Stars (Sharjah Aristocratic Villa, Abu Dhabi)

Perform a local dance that requires you to spin for 30 seconds in a set speed, and stack eight clay vases for each teammate to proceed.

T: This task was extremely brutal! Both requirements (spinning & stacking) are nasty when combined together, with the harsh sunlight and when Xiaochun ended up breaking claypots and Liuchang had a physical metldown for doing the task again and again. Just imagine what will it look like for teams that sleep in airports and were racing continuously.

I won’t mind wearing the dance shirt, though the dress is too pastelly for me taste.

Overall: Both tasks were great for a Detour. For me I will choose Sharp Eyes just because it’s marginally easier.

Roadblock: Treasure Hunter (Abu Dhabi Desert, Al Khatim)

After a camel ride, teams had to use a metal detector to search a marked area in the sand, looking for Aladdin’s lamp. The lamp had to be brought to the Pitstop in a perfect condition.

T: Kinda trollish since there are also some random metals that lied on the ground as well. Being under the harsh sun, suffering from potential dehydration and listening Weitong motherly naggish to Calvin:

Weitong: Calvin, how about searching on the other side! Calvin, drink some water if you feel thirsty! Calvin, good luck! Calvin- Calvin- Calvin- (When Calvin finally gets the lamp). Calvin, OMG you did it! Calvin, I’m so proud of you!

Which is not fun for a vacation trip, unless you want to learn how a metal detector works.

Intersection: Camping  (Arabian Nights Village, Al Khatim)

2 teams work together and erect a traditional Bedouin tent and prepare the inside.

T: Season 20 camping task in Tanzania, with more sand and manpower & less bush shower and beds. Okay task for new inter-team interactions I guess.

Task 1: Collect The Colors In Rapid Waters (Wadi Adventure, Ain al-Fayda, Al Ain)

With 3 chances, ride a raft down the wild man-made rapids in the park to collect 3 different color flags.

T: Tougher that it sounds, this task visibly injured everybody. For example:

Tielin, Team P.Bonding: (After seeing Team Friends having blood injuries, Izabela leg being dislocated and Weitong telling to everyone that she’d nearly drown) Okay, Izabela, I do not want to risk your life any longer, let’s just quit.

And this task also showed the strength of the two main teams, Team Siblings and Team Married. Hanliang, Team Siblings for deducing a winning strategy for this task and Xiaopeng, Team Married for his sheer determination to pull through this task even though he had some ear problems that he wanted to avoid water too much.

Prize: – (Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain)

Yup, no prize this week for being first.

For this leg eliminated team, Team P.Bonding, I didn’t think that I will miss them. They had quite contrasting personalities, with Tielin having to occasionally playing a character and being kinda entertaining, while Izabela is quite real in her emotions, but her expression was quite cold.

For this leg, would be quite deadly if it was implemented for a non-pampered season.

Well then, time for Greece.


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