Amazing Race China Season 1: Athens, Greece

Celebrities, welcome to the country that first introduced democracy to the word.

And you are all going to vote for a team that’s going to be U-Turned.

In the Athens Ledra Hotel, Athens set before the leg started…

Team Married: No, Team Siblings, we are not here for money, we are just here for the Vote U-Turn. So how about Team Bros? They are stronger than Team Friends.

Team Buddies: Please, we are the 3 strongest team, so we should work together to U-Turn someone. So how about Team Friends? Athens would give Weitong’s knowledge a great advantage.

Team Siblings: Ok! So how about choosing a team we should U-Turn by paper?

Team Married, Team Buddies: Deal!

When the leg started.

Team Friends: Well nobody would vote for us because we are not the strongest team.

Team Bros: Not our style, but let’s vote for Team Married because they are either 1st or 2nd.

Task 1: Create With Thy Clay (Athens Antiques Market, Athens)

Use a spinning wheel to shape a clay basin in 6 clays.

T: Good opening task, and kinda surprised that this task ended up making 3 teams quit (which is a penalty for 15 minutes).

Task 2: Do You Know Your Gods (Zappeion, Athens)

Select the correct props for each statue, make them alive by saying Zontannepste (“Please come to life” in Greek)

T: Aesthetically, awesome. Challenge factor, awesome (for me the hardest statue would be Apollo with a harp). And some strategy to ace this task.

Team Bros: Looking at their eyes, it shows how their props is going to be held.

Team Friends: Looking at their hands, it shows how their props is going to be held.

Calvin, Team Friends: Look, wait here while I talk to the other locals. (3-5 minutes later and they still got it wrong)

Detour 1: Bravery (Poulaki Michail Park, Athens)

Utilize a slingshot to fire a watermelon at a suit of armour 15 meters away

T: US Season 17 England Roadblock Task, with more limitations (With 50, and a penalty for not doing so), eating watermelons (So how was the watermelon, Weitong?) and less watermelons in your face. And calling it “Bravery” only inspire other thrill tasks to laugh at you producers.

Detour 2: Wisdom (National Library of Greece, Athens)

After 30 seconds of memorization, recite the Archimedes law to an Archimedes impersonator within the span of 20 seconds in Mandarin.

T: Aside from a historic clip about how the Archimedes law originated, it’s just insulting to the other mental tasks to call it “Wisdom”, since after that Team Friends would just easily forget the law within 2 months. All the books that are in the library and they only had to do is memorize from a blackboard, that’s awful for a challenge.

Oh, speaking of mentioning Team Friends in both Detours, yup, they were the victims of the vote U-Turn when they went to Roman Agora. Teams Friends weren’t that mad, Calvin just insulted Team Buddies (and the models) that they are dumb.

Overall: Two potentially good task was shredded out in bad execution.

Roadblock: Time Travel To Ancient Greece (Archeon Gefsis, Athens)

Just a small story for a change,

Anqi, Team Married: When I time traveled to Ancient Greece and wearing a beautiful dress, a beautiful lady greeted me and got my feet washed. Next, I perform a Greek dance with these beautiful ladies. Then, I am sitting in a table with 3 people, Elina, and two other nice people. We shouted “Sisias (Cheers in Greek, though I may be not confident if that’s the right Greek word)” and drink wine that was extracted by human feet, ew. It’s so pretty hubby.

Xiaopeng, Team Married: It’s good for you to have fun,so here’s the question for this challenge, how many candles are there in the table that you dine in?

Anqi: What? (Gave a wrong answer and had to time travel again.)

T: Really creative and had a subtle sense of difficulty, especially hilarious when teams felt like they are dreaming when they are “time traveling”, and had to be jolted back to reality when the question is given.

Task 3: Running In History (Panathenaic Stadium, Athens)

Celebrate marathon by running 3000m in the track court.

T: In a vacation’s standpoint, it’s an extraordinary pleasure to had a sports exercise in a historic place. In a challenge standpoint, they should have gone for archery, high jump, or javelin throwing, not a sport where everybody team in Amazing Race had done some practice at home.

Prize: Global Positioning System Navigation Device aka GPS (Olympieion, Athens)

T: Simple, yet effective. And kinda cool observation that Team Married still wore their sport shirts while everyone else had changed before going to the Pitstop.

So aesthetically it was amazing without reducing some of the difficulty, but some tasks must be fixed (The Detour & The Running).


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