Amazing Race China Season 1: Kamari, Santorini

The Greek adventure continues.

Task 1: Photo (Santorini National Airport, Kamari)

With self driving, teams are given a photo which shows the destination of the next clue.

T: Ok task. This self navigation task is quite difficult, unless you have a GPS device or once being a model there.

Speedbump: Onions (Porto Carra Cafe, Fira)

For being non-eliminated, Team Friends had to each chop 1 kilograms of thinly sliced onions.

T: Ok task for a Speedbump.

Task 1: Donkey Delivery (Ellis Restaurant, Fira)

Using a donkey as a transportation, teams must carry 120 eggs in a basket to a restaurant. Warning, 1 broken egg costs 30 seconds.

T: Fun task. Though the checking is really, really detailed (which also means really, really slow)

Team Married: Charlie (the donkey they named), we are now friends.

Team Married (in confession): You know, Ollie (the same donkey) is such a nice donkey, like we treated them well enough so that he can cooperate with us nicely.

Roadblock 1: Rock Climbing (Perissa Beach, Perissa)

Rock climb up to get a flag.

T: This leg has a Double Roadblock where 1 team member can finish both (which is a rule that I’m not a fan of). Still, they are climbing outdoors, which means no colored route markers. So despite being a thrill task, it also tests the strength one teammate.

P.S: Where are all the others teams when Team Siblings is doing the Roadblock? Sipping coffee?

Weitong: And Calvin, traverse to the left, listen to me, traverse to the left.

Detour 1: Aegean Sea (Perissa Beach South, Perissa)

Collect water in a bucket, throw water to the other teammate’s bucket, the other teammate’s bucket poured to a container. Repeat until container reached the set height.

T: In other words, boring, especially doing this in a paid vacation. And what a disgrace to the beautiful sand, can’t they make sandcastles?

Detour 2: Love Potion (Bob’s Bar, Perissa)

Mix 2 types of cocktails, stack the glasses, pour the cocktail to the glasses simultaneously without mixing the red & yellow cocktails.

T: US Season 24 Kuala Lumpur Detour Task, and the only task in the season where it had some degree of difficulty. With less heartwarming moments and less tries achieved, & more sponsor placement and a definite elimination ahead.

Overall: I love to see the color of the sand, but not when I have to pour buckets of water and accidentally douse someone.

Roadblock 2: Underwater Exploration (Remezzo Tavern, Akrotiri)

Dive under the waters, explore a sunken ship, find a chest that give the clue.

T: Unchallenging, demonstrative task. And if the rules are more consistent, Team Bros should have been penalized for Yijian doing both Roadblocks in the same leg.

Prize: In a random dock in Amoudi due to horrid weather conditions…

Allan Wu: Team Siblings, your placement is-

Team Married: (Just arrived) What the heck?

Allan Wu: Team Siblings, it seems you got first just because you have a better taxi driver.

Team Siblings: Yeah!

Allan Wu: You will received a year supply of Satine Organic Milk, and diamond ring for both of you…

Everyone: … (Team Married in their monologue: Damn!)

Allan Wu: And you got a Save pass, that you can grant one team back from elimination to the race.

Team Siblings: We will think about it for some time.

Team Married in the confession: That’s just awful luck.

After the last team, Team Friends, arrived…

Allan Wu: Good news, there is a Save pass that (explains the explanation)

Team Friends: OMG we are lucky, please save us.

Team Siblings: We’ve decided to Save Team Classmates because they only ran two legs (which means they are not threatening to us)

Team Friends:…..That suck.

Despite all the unkind comments from YouTube, I really liked Weitong, but she definitely fits the bill as the naggy girlfriend. As for Yiru, ok I guess.

Though not a challenging leg, but it has a different side to Greece, I guess.


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