Amazing Race China Season 1: Seoul, South Korea

Congratulations to Team Classmates for joining back the show to race again.

Hope Xiaotong’s phobias and Jugang’s niceness won’t be shredded by the race course and the other teams.

In some 5 star hotel…

Team Siblings: Welcome back to the race, do you miss us?

Team Classmates: Yay! Thank you for saving us.

Team Siblings: (Looking at Jugang holding some medicinal pills) So, you’re ill?

Team Classmates: No, just product placement.


Team Married: Hello, and look at our daughter, she’s in Seoul despite not being in the race at all. And come inside, we need a strategic discussion.

Team Classmates: Ya- What?

In Team Married room with Team Classmates and Team Buddies (and seriously, look at those rooms, these are called luxury and envy from other former racers around the world)…

Team Married: Let’s team up together to create operation Take Out Teams From Hong Kong (which are Team Siblings and Team Bros)

Team Buddies: And who do you want to U-Turn…

After the discussion…

Team Classmates: What the heck, the race has become like this? (The answer is yes and no, yes in the competition will make some teams to protect themselves by screwing other teams, and no in this is just the second time in the whole race on mass intrigue play and the patriotic fervor)

Well, the race still has to go on, after meeting Allan Wu in maybe a dopo (my guess, can any commentors confirm the right clothing, and writing a good luck scroll at Gyeonghuigung.

P.S: The leg is a replacement for Austria due to, reasons)

Detour 1: Outer Hall (Namsan – Namsangol Hanok Village, Seoul)

Perform a traditional folk dance, with a twist of balancing a pot on their head.

T: I can’t really comment it since for the first time in this season, all the teams choose the same Detour task. Looks hard though.

Detour 2: Inner Kitchen (Namsan – Namsangol Hanok Village, Seoul)

After some time of self driving, teams would have to memorize a table that contains 30 Korean dishes. Then replicate the placement of those dishes in another room. Warning, a wrong answer will result in all the food placed by the teams in a wash bin (What a waste)

B: This is where all the drama came from, in addition of being quite challenging as well. For me I should have let them eat all the dishes if there is a wrong answer, then give them the next clue (But that’s just too sadistic).

Team Siblings: Let’s us make lunch (Seconds later Xiaopeng tried to hear) Hey!…We umm still haven’t decided yet.

Team Siblings in confession: They are smart, and are really aware, so we need to be careful around them (after running to them in the changing room) Are you doing lunch too?

Team Married:No we’re dancing, and you need to change clothes too.


Team Married stumbled across the place for Inner Kitchen and met Team Siblings…

Team Married: How about let’s just work together to make the task easier.

Team Siblings: Okay (But we don’t trust them, lets memorize additional dishes)

Later, Team Siblings 1st try is incorrect

Everyone: What…..

Later the mistakes are fixed and Team Married scram first

Team Married: Thank you, and we will just Yield Team Bros instead since they tried to U-Turn us before.

Task 1: Thanks For The Delivery, Now Eat It (Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul)

After the Yield is used on Team Bros and finding people that speaks Chinese in Seoul, teams had to deliver 5 octopus to a restaurant, and then eat it. Sauces are allowed.

T: Okay challenge. But when Team Bros quitted the challenge, the writing is on the wall.

Task 2: Socially Jump (Gwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul)

Convince 10 locals to play jump rope, and all of them at had to jump 3 times.

T: Quite fun, and it turns out kids are better in jumping than high school girls and foreign adults.

Roadblock: Accept My Flower Miss (Kyung Hee University, Seoul)

Give a rise to the person that is pictured outside the entrance, Miss Korea 2014, Kim Seo-yeon in 50 ladies.

T: The second identification Roadblock (After the Holi Roadblock), but still quite difficult. P.S: Wear a blue jacket when everyone else is wearing black, you will got noticed a flower twice by the same person.

Prize: – (World Cup Park – Haneul Park, Seoul)

No prize this week.

Surprisingly, Team Classmates actually became the best team for this leg, and would have won this leg if they did not get lost. Still, refreshing to see some team finally break the Top 2 being Team Married & Team Siblings all the time.

As for the eliminated team, Team Bros, they are okay with Xiaochun having a some temper issues (that he is trying to tone down), but they really wanna want to race like a vacation like everyone else if it wasn’t for the elimination system, where somebody gotta try to armed themselves to keep racing. Though it is nice to see all the teams going for a night out together in Seoul after the leg (and heck the producers in the US version for thinking that sequestering the teams will create more conflict).

For this leg, it’s a well done leg.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Race China Season 1: Seoul, South Korea

    • It’s the end of the previous leg (Which Team Friends witness their second chance in the race flew away, and it’s sad since I liked the dynamics of Team Friends, with Wei Tong being a naggy girlfriend for 1 week and then a naggy mother for another week). I more lukewarm with Team Classmates, who were the team brought back by The Save.

      P.S: And thanks for being my first voluntary commentator (The first is almighty blue, who is the authority of the Amazing Race page for TvTropes, and I asked him to comment my posts). By the way, I’m currently recapping Expedition Impossible.


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