Amazing Race China Season 1: Finale

Really, it is now the last episode despite having 4 teams left.

And for this episode, the producers decided to make this leg a double leg. Which while good in paper, is really bad in execution, this I will explain it later.

We now start the leg with the celebrities travel to Hong Kong, China the home place of Team Siblings.

Roadblock 1:  Emperor, I Present To Name Your Guests (Kowloon Walled City Park, Kowloon)

Talk to every people in the park to get 10 names, and present the names in Chinese to the emperor to get the next clue. P.S: This is a Double Roadblock, where the teammate that did not do this Roadblock has to do the next.

T: Creative, challenging and funny.

Hanliang, Team Siblings: Emperor, I will start to name your precious guests.

Tielin, Team P.Bonding (and dressed as the emperor): …And where’s Jackie?

Everyone: ….OMG.

What an amazing cameo, sad that it diluted in successive tries.

Task 1: Fakey, Dine With Me (Aberdeen Harbour – Jumbo Kingdom, Aberdeen)

Pick any 4 tables, one team member carefully choose 1 dish that is fake to proceed, and another eats the food.

T: US Season 17 Fake Food Roadblock Task, with far less puking and more Jugang’s suicidal niceness (seriously, it’s nice, but don’t simply eat Hanliang’s dishes when you don’t really know your belly limit)

Prize: – (Golden Bauhinia Square, Wan Chai)

T: This is a double leg, though it’s different that the team that arrive last will be eliminated.

Plus, unless you are Team Married, taking taxis in Hong Kong is really difficult at night. With citizens and taxi drivers that are really rushing to get home, it singlehandedly caused Team Buddies, who finished 2nd for the Food Task, eliminated.

And it’s awfully delusional for the producers to think that this is a double leg, when it can be treated as 2 legs. Teams simply sleep in another at least 3 star hotel after the leg is over doesn’t help either

Though for me, a double leg is a leg where teams has to do two legs continuously without having any rest, which is quite difficult to do honestly.

And now the final leg, Guangdong, China, commences.

Task 2: Car Maze (University Town of Shenzhen, Nanshan)

In a car maze, make a path to get your car driving out of the maze.

T: Australia Season 2 opening task, with increased importance and Jugang’s niceness finally made his team shredded by both teams.

Roadblock 2: Rappelling  (Excellence Century Center, Fuitian)

Rappel down a building.

T: Anqi took too much time to compose herself and Xiaotong got some off screen courage to finish the task. Other than that, next.

Task 3: Remember The Globes? (Dashahe Park, Nanshan)

In a giant pool of globe balls, pick six globes that the celebrities went and arrange them in order.

T: Okay final task, kinda awkward to see Team Classmates doing this task since they missed out competing in India, United Arab Emirates and Greece.

Prize: 100,000 yuan Donation Money, a trophy & 2 Infiniti Q50Ls (Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Nanshan)

T: For a celebrity season, the grand prize is kinda sad, which I will feel the same way like Jackie (except for the stipend that all of them are getting)

But it’s probably one of the sweetest finale ever.

Team Siblings: It’s lovely that we finally started to bond with each other. The 20 weeks we communicate is more than 20 years prior to the show.

Team Married: Olivia!… (Anqi carrying Olivia with both of them having bittersweet disappointment for getting 2nd), let us walk to the finish line, okay.

Team Classmates: (Upon meeting Team Siblings) We run to the finish line together? Yeah!

Team P.Bonding: I am really proud of the growth in Team Classmates, especially Jugang who had to take care of Xiaotong like they way that I take care of my daughter. (Izabela is not here)

Team Bros: Thanks for the race, and sorry for Cai’er being unable to attend the finale (Team Besties are also not here)

Team Buddies: We fought, we laugh and we compete. This has been a great 6 months journey.

Team Friends: It’s been really different for work. Weitong: And in the show I really found new friends, new weakness that I want to fix, now experiences that I get for these months….

…And there you go, The Amazing Race China Season 1. Thank you for following this post with me.

P.S: I will talk about the 4 teams in the next post, along with how I feel about the season

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