Amazing Race China Season 1: Final Thoughts

I don’t have a YouTube video to post, and just skim through it like it was nothing. Since this is about my thoughts on the race.

1. The Intro Shot

Really, really unique and beautiful. And watching the intro shot of Team P.Bonding is a worthy of chuckles.

2. Task and Course

With 2 legs in 1 country each before leg 9, it is not as exciting. USA is great (Texas wins), India is boring (Jaipur wins), Abu Dhabi is okay (Abu Dhabi wins), Greece is good on paper but bad in execution (Athens),Korea is fine and the Hong Kong & Guandong is very underutilized (it does not count as a double leg, producers)

Though the tasks are something that an usual Amazing Race season will do, those tasks in Texas and Abu Dhabi is insane. The Greek Gods task & Greece Time Travel Roadblock is unforgettable to watch and the Name Presenting Roadblock, insane.

But there are still weak tasks in a bunch. Thrill tasks (especially when it is placed where teams that are behind cannot catch up), the Detour in Athens & running is a task before Pitstop is stupid, and due to how well those celebrities rested, the double leg is actually easier than all the previous legs.

And seeing teams doing the same tasks from the start to the finish is so boring.

3. Celebrities VIP Service

When even the celebrities outright said that they needed 6 months or 20 weeks to finish filming the season (with the taking breaks between legs), you know they had it way too easy.

4. Domination of 2 teams

After USA, Team Married and Team Siblings suddenly hogged the Top 2 except for 1 leg each (Seoul and New Dehli respectively). I’m 1 of the people that do not like to see a team or 2 hogging the 1st team spot too much, give everybody a chance to win a prize and a headstart.

5. Teams

For the final 4 teams,

Team Buddies: They joked about gay bravado, having long legs as models, and feces. And for some reason I still cannot tell who is who. Sorry.

Team Classmates: After they returned to Korea, they had a lot of development that occurred entirely off-screen. Boo. And Jugang, like in USA, became a decisive factor for why they can’t catch up after the Car Maze Task and ended up 3rd.

Team Married: I think that for a normal season, they will fare it better than Team Siblings. They are oddly efficient in task completion and prevented getting themselves into the task panic zone, they knew honing in their strategy to helped them further and avoid being targeted for U-Turns and Yields, and they knew how to be diplomatic to everyone. And their lowest placement is 3rd for 1 leg, which is insane when the number of teams are quite low. But they hated eating and for Anqi, heights.

Team Siblings: People really liked Hanliang, and most of China rooted for him to win. And Jackie is no slouch either in anything that doesn’t require performing according to the rhythm.

But even with the strategy going on, this season is more towards documentation over dramatization. Since these are celebrities, and at least B Star Chinese celebrities, they are unable to be mean to each other to avoid being hated by the Chinese public (like Weitong and Team Married, China do not like “dirty” tactics).

Personally, it would be difficult for me o present this season enthusiastically to Amazing Race fans. It just too different than an usual Amazing Race Season

But you can learn Chinese, if I want to say 1 pro, and the finale scene, so nice for all the teams to talk and express their views about the race, so that’s 2 pros.

And my recap for this season is over, whew!


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