Reality Tv: Gateway To Other Reality Shows

Well, this title talks about what situation that brings you to other reality shows.

First off, before somewhere around my teenage years, the reality shows I primarily watch are The Amazing Race and Fear Factor. Thanks to some people from other reality shows, Internet, and blog posts, I now have a beginner’s grasp on the reality shows in America.

Here is an example of a gateway to get a bigger picture, based on a true story:

For TvTropes, poster Almightyblue, primarily focus on, and ended up becoming the authority of The Amazing Race page (to the point that when I add or edit some The Amazing Race page, I usually waits for e to give some aggressive changes and give a reason like a subordinate to a boss. TvTropes needed more people like e,e is quite passionate about it. )

Then, e branched out to Survivor, or specifically, Survivor San Juan Del Sur, thanks to Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, Twinnes from US Amazing Race 21. Right now, e is probably hyped up to edit Survivor Worlds Apart, even though e didn’t like San Juan Del Sur at that time.

Now here’s some of mine (All of them are influenced by YouTube, Wikipedia and TvTropes in some way, so I omitted them for convenience sake)

Big Brother

I live in Malaysia, and Big Brother US didn’t air there. And due to my young age at the time, I didn’t know Alison starred on Big Brother before competing in Amazing Race 5 (oddly enough, I rooted for Alison & Donny first since I thought that Donny is Asian).

Gateway: Brenchel in Amazing Race 20, then dwelling in Homorazzi (mainly for the ANTM recaps, which I bring up later) for Big Brother 13, and other recaps in other websites.

Now: I have a basic grasp of the US Big Brother seasons, but I don’t think I am willing to watch them due to the sheer volume of the episodes. After really experiencing the experience from Season 14-16 in real time by Internet and Morty Tv, I responded the most with 15 (Possibly due to the unpredictability of the game flow and the complexity of the houseguests)


Before the gateway, I rarely watch Survivor. In fact, the last Survivor season that I watched on Tv is where Denise Martin is eliminated in Survivor China (I didn’t watch the finale, and since I partially watch only 2 episodes for that season, that episode and the one where Courtney won the Immunity Challenge, I don’t why Amanda & Courtney did not help Denise and vote off Todd.)

Gateway: Ranking of survivor winners, YouTube videos (mostly the double idol play and the jury segment in HVV), Zimdelinvasor in Tengaged (aka Dabu in Survivor Sucks, Reddit…), Mario Lanza’s Funny 115 and Rob Has A Podcast.

Now: Basic grasp, but not really willing to put it in my watchlist.

Project Runway

Some snippets of Season 3 and 4, and watched Season 5 from episode 4 onwards (I will never forget Korto’s seatbelt coat and the song for Leanne’s collection: Cookie’s Breath)

Gateway: Homorazzi, BuddyTv’s slideshow ranking, TvTropes, and then Tom & Lorenzo (sad that now they are quitting Project Runway, but looking at how the producers did with the show…)

Now: Basic knowledge thanks to Tom & Lorenzo and Project Rungay (their old blog), but I have only watched Season 1 in YouTube. Project Runway Australia and Canada is still available though.

American Next Top Model

Snippets from Season 9, immediately jumped to Whitney crowned in Season 10, then jumped to Season 12 for most of the season, then 16 and All-Stars. And then stopped watching.

Gateway: Definitely Homorazzi, then BuddyTv’s slideshows (Even both of them infuriate me for their hatred towards Alexandria in All Star, which is totally unjustified for that surprisingly tame season), BillyandPat Vlog, Antm 411 (a where are they now page that suddenly stopped working), ANTM funny moments and Kevin Babbles, a really funny guy.

Now: Just some more snippets.

Of course, there are some more reality shows (like The Apprentice, Masterchef and Beauty & The Geek), that I just didn’t want to add more. I have given too many examples, and you all already know the drill.

So, what’s your gateway to which reality show?

3 thoughts on “Reality Tv: Gateway To Other Reality Shows

  1. Heh, I’ve known Dabu online for about five or six years now. We played in online versions of Survivor/BB together a few times. He even played in a season of my online Survivor series a couple years back.

    The only gateway I can really think of for me is The Amazing Race to Lost. Lost was a show that lasted only 3 episodes back in 2001/2002, and featured three teams of two.

    It was very very very dull. I think only ten people in the world remember watching Lost when it aired. If I recall correctly, you can’t find that show anywhere online.


    • By the way, do you watch the Canada Worst Series (Driver and to a lesser extent, Handyman), if so what do you think about it?
      For CWD, I only fully watched All Stars.
      While for CWH, I only watched Season 4 (only season that I can watch with YouTube).
      Both of them are okay, and I like the fact that in CWD All Stars is that instead of letting Angelica stay for ratings, they instead let her to go for rehab, which is quite honorable of them.


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