Reality Tv: Scream Queens 1, Cast

For this show, I actually didn’t know what events that make me watch this, since I’m not really a fan of horror films at all. All I know is that I watched it on YouTube, and I have a blast watching it. It’s sort of like ANTM, with a stronger educational course in horror filming for both the contestants and the viewers and an extremely underwhelming prize in the end (seriously, for all the course these girls get, and they just got a small role in the end?)

By the way, since Lions Gate stopped producing movies for the Saw franchise (the movie that the winner gets the role in), the show stopped after 2 seasons. Boo (or maybe phew since this show might get ravaged hard like other shows that had gone for 15+ seasons).

But still, here’s the cast from Scream Queens Season 1, produced by VH1, Lions Gate Television, Joke Production and Twisted Pictures.

Contestants according to the VH1 cast bios.

Jessica Palette (Upper left, looking at your soul as a psycho)

Lindsay Felton (Upper middle, former child star)

Jo-Anne Krupa (Upper right, from England)

Sarah Agor (Middle 1, floral print)

Marissa Skell (Middle 2)

Lina So (Middle 3, got some parts in shows that people generally watch)

Tanedra Howard (Middle 4, least experienced in film acting)

Michelle Galdenzi (Bottom left)

Kylah Kim (Bottom middle, threw her law career for acting)

Angela Anderson (Bottom right)

Since the cast bios is rather bland, I’ll just add the judges as well.

Shawnee Smith (actress for Amanda Young in Saw)

John Homa (acting coach)

James Gunn (direction for horror films, his hair proves it)

So…let’s just move on to the first episode.

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