Scream Queens 1: Killer, Fruit, Snake

After three minutes of promotional trailer, we start the girls adventure from a scared, helpless screamer, to a sexy, confident queen. I will be separating by challenges by challenges.

Jump Scare: Killer From The Wall

After a monotonous presentation by Shawnee Smith (her words are still quite intimidating if I’m one of the girls though, and her dress is nice looking), a killer with an ax came smashing down the wall.

T: It came in really unexpected, especially for the girls.But it’s rather blink and miss.

Acting Challenge: Diplomacy 

Convince that killer not a kill you.

T:  A decent opening challenge to show the girls’ acting capability. Winner gets callback (which is the same as immunity).

Good: Tanedra

Bland: Jo-Anne, Kylah (the girls’ reaction are funny though), Jessica (except for the “I’m psycho” part, it’s rather bland)

Short: Lindsey, Angela, Marissa and Sarah

Funny: Michelle, Lina

So it’s not surprising that Tanedra won the challenge, especially when we don’t how the girls in the short segment act.

Acting Class: Fruity Seduction

After 1 night of the girls knowing each other in swimsuits and jacuzzi, the girls went to John acting class. The main point of this challenge is to use fruit as an seduction tool, with a small twist of the fruit being poisoned.

T: Turns out that acting classes are not just only for Tanedra, but also for everyone else. Like 1 example,

Seduction: The action to attract someone.

Most of the girls definition: Utterly rapes the fruit, the tool that is supposed to attract someone.

Result: “I asked for a simple seduction, and I get a bunch of girls having sex with a fruit.”

And when Kylah did a rational thing and spit out of food.

Result: “Great Idea, but gross to watch on the screen.”

Shows that John really had some experience.

Jump Scare: Snakes For Pizza

Snakes from a tray, and snakes under a food table.

T: Kinda realizes that the theme this week. Ok scare for the girls, and Shawnee looking really regal when she’s presenting with a python.

Director’s Challenge: Bathtub Slither

A homage to James’ first movie, Slither. The girls has to strip off since they are filming in a bathtub. With the girls relaxed at first, and then a snake pops up to scare them.

T: Before the challenge started, Jessica is really pissed that they are going to get naked (even though there are choices with nude lingerie, modesty patch, or naked), and became really psycho towards the other girls, well looking at Michelle’s state when memorizing the script…

And she acts topless.

Still, I don’t really know how to judge the girls performance for this challenge (since the short segment is most of the girls screaming, which I want to see how the girls deliver the lines instead), but I can surely say that Kylah and Jo-Anne were very weak there.

Before the elimination: Not many things happen except for the presentation of the list, with Michelle chaining F-bombs on the list.

Leading Lady: Sarah, which is surprising, since her being consistent is not really well shown in this episode. Her performance in the director’s challenge is okay, but for me is kinda off putting with her New Jersey accent (which she did try tone it down)

Jessica is lashed out by the judges for being psycho, but is safe.

Axed: Jo-Anne, I’m kinda bummed since she is slightly better than Kylah. But her acting crumbled a lot under pressure (which Kylah don’t). And her portrait is now bloddied.

Best dressed at the Ball List: Kylah, just because everyone wore worse than her (especially Jessica who wore a curtain).

And now I just realize that this week theme is relaxation to horror.

Funny moments from this episode.

1.  Michelle & Lina in the Acting Challenge (Which is flat out ridiculous)

2. Jessica: “I’m psycho” (Which shows how psycho she is for the season onwards)

3. Where the girls first rape the fruits in the Acting Class (Which brought one of the golden lines from John Homa)

4. Jessica freaking out at being nude for the Director’s Challenge, only to act nude herself. And her self defense in the List Ball, further indirectly saying that she’s a psycho.

5. Kylah screaming like a crow in the Director’s Challenge.

6. Michelle chaining F-Bombs when she’s included in the list, only to found out that she’s in the Top 2 for this week.

Storyline For This Episode: Tanedra lack of formal training, Jessica being a psycho, Lindsey trying to reclaim her glory as an actress

Next Week: Photoshoot.

Thanks to Joana Reves for uploading all the enitre season to YouTube

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