Scream Queens 1: First Impressions

First impression is admittedly important in life. Better packaged products sell higher (Thanks Marcus Lemonis) , better plated food says better quality (Thanks Gordon Ramsay), and better looking movie covers or trailers can drive customers to watch the movie.

Well, this episode is all about first impression.

Most of the girls are shocked that Jo-Anne is eliminated over Kylah (which, I can quite understand), and Kylah is quite pissed when the girls (especially Sarah & Lindsey) openly voice their disdain in front of her.

So on the next day, the house is (one-sidedly) divided.

Kylah: “Me, Michelle, Angela & Lina are the Queen B-s. While the other girls in Marissa, Sarah & Lindsey are the homely girls, that won’t be popular with high school.”

Producers: So what about Tanedra & Jessica, Kylah?

Kylah: Well…they are the other girls. Tanedra is untrained to be in a clique and Jessica is psycho.

And they talked sh- about the other girls, mostly Michelle though.

Acting Challenge: First Impression For The Casting

Dressed up appropriately, interact appropriately for casting director Kelly Wagner (Wikipedia don’t know her, but hey, backstage people like her are really important into making a movie).

T: An educational challenge that shows a side of backstage film industry. And most of the girls needed some slight fine-tuning to be rather neck-in-neck with each other. Though not as neck and neck with Michelle dominating the entire confession cam.

Best Dressed: Um…Jessica, since she’s the only girl that wore jeans (and not presenting herself as a psycho, remember, first impression says a lot), so she won callback. But Lindsey dressed the worst, it’s looks old (and like the judges said, frumpy).

Lesson: The first time that I watched this episode, I’m surprised that you shouldn’t shake hand with the casting director as a first impression, like Lina did. And Kelly (along with Michelle accompanied with F-bombs) explained really well that there are a lot of people being casted (or like Michelle said, they are germaphobes)

Quite like that the show did some restriction towards itself, where they let only 2 girls do the makeover: Lindsey & Marissa (for me I would add Sarah to the mix, and it turns out that those Queen B-s had a point). There makeover ended up good,but a little too similar with each other (I like Marrisa makeover more).

Then Kylah had a meltdown about being looked as a model instead of an actor, and accused that Kelly is jealous of her body.

Acting Class: Snap

React when given a scenario in a snap-shot.

T: Fine challenge to warm up for the Director’s Challenge.

Good: Michelle (slightly), Tanedra (raw but need better hand position)

Bland: Marissa (kinda looked confused), Lindsey (don’t really deserve the praise)

Short: Lina, Sarah, Angela (We didn’t even see their shoots)

Funny: Kylah, Jessica

Jump Scare: Say Cheese

After a night the girls complementing (and Angela utterly dissing) Lindsey & Marissa makeover. The girls stumbled upon a chest, and after they opened it…

T: Even with the trailers, it does freaked me out like the girls did.

Director’s Challenge: Promotional Photoshoots

Get shot to promote your movie in a movie poster.

T: Not flashy, but it gets the job done.

Good: Sarah (shows her desperation and fatigue well)

Bad: Kylah (her eyes were so void), Michelle (she looks really innocent, but her face looks alienish), Jessica (Bland, and I don’t understand James’ decision to dress her as a butcher when her father as a butcher is a serial killer), Tanedra (Her hand movement is like she’s offering her boobs), Angela (bland), Lina (looks too BDSM, well it’s cattle rope and Lina hated the set up, what can you do), Marissa (looks dead than seductive), Lindsey (Bland)

Well… I don’t have a good knowledge about what a campy horror movie poster looks like, sorry.

Lesson: Being an actor, you have to bring your A-game, even when you are going to wear cattle rope as a costume. Then, don’t be a b- in front of the backstage crew (Like Lina, who beforehand is the most sanest of the Queen B-s did), you will get chewed out.

Winner: Lindsey, okay…

Axed: Kylah, sooner or later. (But if I’m a producer, I would just ask the judges to let her stay to see how ridiculous she could get later on).

Best Dressed: Lindsey, barely (Though seriously, what’s with the monochrome here?)

Funny Moments.

1. Kylah in the acting class, her face is just so frozen, that she have better chances in doing catwalks when she decided to switch to modeling, or being a lawyer instead.

2. In the same class, Jessica reacting to a girl who stole her boyfriend fall into poop.

3. Tanedra’s philosophy when encountering horror or dangers.

4. Kylah “swimming” in latex (Which shows her gorgeous body to the point that Sarah wanted a threesome with her)

For this episode,it is slightly on the boring but practical side, and I’m surprised that the airtime between the girls is spread evenly, and while Tanedra, Jessica & Sarah are not important this episode, I only feel like Sarah is the only person that’s under edited.

Storyline For This Episode:The divide of the house (that just simply ended halfway through),Michelle being a confession hog, Lindsey & Marissa self-esteem issues after the makeover, Angela being a disser, Lina being unprofessional towards the backstage crew and Kylah struggling to stay in the competition (or even emote her facial expression) that ended up in failure.

Just that none of them being a standout.

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