Scream Queens 1: You Bastard!

This episode, the girls gets more aggressive, both in their acting, and their verbal arguing.

Just a normal night with the girls reeling from the elimination from Kylah. Only a slight interesting point is that Tanedra suddenly hated Lina (seriously, they have never talked to each other beforehand).

Acting Challenge: Fall Out From The Horror

Freestyle acting in a huge building for several seconds before jumping off or getting killed by a homicidal maniac (though this is not recommended, said Shawnee)

T: Practical, and doing a flip looks good on scenes (but definitely not on real life) But I dislike the fact that Shawnee basically forces the girls to choose to jump off (Sure, Scream Queens needs to be brave, but I like variety better).

Good: Lindsey (Ok), Lina (Ok), Tanedra (Her landing is amazing, and is the most believable that there’s a killer chasing her), Jessica (Disqualified, but actually could have be somewhat dramatic with some fine tuning)

Bad: Sarah (Basic), Marissa (Basic and lack believability), Angela (Too short in her acting), Michelle (lack believability)

So no surprise that Tanedra won (but Shawnee has different reasons to why she won), which gives her a guaranteed callback.

Disclaimer: I kinda want to do this type of trailer since I watched this episode.

Dolled up, and had a great night.

Shawnee: Girls, you are all going to a party.

With friends that bonds even stronger.

Girls: Yay, champagne, wine or beer, let’s have fun together.

Angela: (In a really drunk state, blubbering whatever noises she made).

Or enemies that asked to be killed.

Sarah in a drunken state to Michelle: You’re acting is fake. You girls are all fake, I don’t want to offend you all but…

Tanedra: I’m faded.

Lina: That’s Ebonics for drunk.

Tanedra: Are you offending me, recent Token Asian?

Lina: No, I’m being a translator to my friend, Token Black.

Tensions running high.

Angela: (In a muffed voice) I want people to pay more attention to me with my acting than dissing other girls.

Sarah: You’re psycho

Jessica: You’re ugly and Jewish 

Girls: Gasp!

And when trouble looms in

Driver: We have some problem with the bus.

Lindsey: Heck no-

And everyone is in the dark.

Girls: What happened to the light? Gasp, what is that sounds

Are they willing to found out?

Girls: Ah!

After The Party, coming soon to your cinemas.

T: If it isn’t for the drama that surrounded at the party and the bus that spices up beforehand, the scare itself will be very underwhelming. And Michelle actually came across one of the more saner people there.

Acting Class: Practice,Practice, Practice

Practice the stunt part for the scene.

T: It just practicing, what actress do to reduce time in getting filmed. Except for the Lina, Tanedra part, it just screams next.

Director Challenge: Fighting Back

Transition from a helpless victim, to a independent fighter. Basic as that, let’s just jump to the good and the bad.

Good: Jessica (Ok, kicking needs more energy and too obvious that she’s going to attack), Lina (She’s the strongest in the transition of the emotions)

Short: Tanedra, Jessica & Lindsey

Bad: Marissa (lacking in overall energy), Michelle (hilarious), Sarah (lacking in energy)

P.S: I would love to see how Kylah would transition in her emotion for that challenge.

Immediately to the List Ball

Best Dressed: Michelle

Leading Lady: Lina, no complaints with the choices this week.

Axed: Marissa, no complaints, since she struggled with her confidence and just lack energy in her performance.

Storyline For This Episode: Tanedra VS Lina, The Entire Scene from the party to the bus, and the ending of Marissa confidence issues.

Funny Moments

1. Michelle in the Acting Challenge

2. The shuushing between Jessica & Lindsey

3. Lina comparing makeuped injured people to crackwh-…in Inglewood (That’s ridiculously shady and offensive to Inglewood….crackwh-)

4. Michelle caveman pose after beating a homicidal maniac.

Next episode, it’s time for a horror comedy (though seriously, what does this have to do with Saw except for being horror related?)


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