Scream Queens 1: Throwback To Camp

This episode is all about mixing horror with comedy.

Though what does it really had to do with Saw?

After the Ball List, not a lot of things happen except for Angela feeling that she’s not receiving feedback from anybody.

Acting Challenge: Cheesy Innovation

Innovate one scene from “The Head That Won’t Die”, while being paired with cheesy dialogue and an untrained scene parter.

T: At least it makes the girls to innovate their acting. And since most of the girls acting time were somewhat short, I won’t be judging them for this challenge.

And Lindsey won, who thankmocked Nickelodeon’s cheesy dialogue for her shows). Next.

Lesson: Try to elevate your acting abilities despite having cheesy dialogue, unrealistic props and sometimes not well trained actors. These directors are giving the paycheck after all.

Before the Class, more Angela being feared for not receiving feedback. Next.

Acting Challenge: Learn To Scream

Learn how to scream without hurting your voice by Melissa Cross, the creator of The Zen Of Screaming. Then scream according to the scenarios.

T: It’s about screaming (which the girls have to learn to be qualified for a horror movie). And Melissa is authentic enough to teach the girls how to scream

Jump Scare

Who is that man limping there?

T: Boring to the point that everyone (the cameras and the contestants) even treat it like a passing mention. This is one of my slight issue about this show: Jump Scares are fun to scary to watch, but constant can be annoying and boring to watch (unless you’re in real life)

The script that they got from the man turns out to be a trailer that everyone will be partaking in. And when reading the script, Michelle & Lina declared that they don’t want to kiss another girl (Different people have different limits I guess, though Lina’s response is not PR)

Then Angela has to steal everybody’s airtime by crying about being unnoticed, again.

Director Challenge

Before that, the girls that to audition for their roles that they want to play.

1: The part where they show the process of how audition works in a film industry is cool to watch.

2. Sarah is starting to seem less and less energetic as time goes on. Her acting in her audition is weak.

3. Despite Jessica explains that it’s okay to be honest to the directors (since the girls will be hired for this trailer anyway), Lina (unlike Michelle) decided to lie to the judges and hoped that she will be chosen for any roles except the 2 girls that are going to kiss each other.

Tough luck, she got the Catholic school girl, one of the 2 people that are going to kiss each other. And since she possibly ignored the Catholic school girl line, she is extremely wordless.

And when Lina finally admit that she’s not comfortable doing the kissing, James understandably (since he did gave the girls a chance to be honest at the auditions), is very pissed.

Lesson: Be honest in your auditions.

Filler, Lina & Angela first express their worries about being in the List. Then a fight erupted between Sarah and Lina about Sarah not washing her dishes. Next.

P.S: Funny that Sarah says that Lina is not her mother, despite Sarah came her for comfort an episode earlier.

Leading Lady: Flat out Michelle, it even says so on the list.

But Michelle’s happiness is short-lived as Angela & Lina (who she connects the most at that time, during the “house divide”) turned out to be in the bottom 2. I hoped that the friendship dynamics could have been more explored, but since this season is decentralized without any girls being in the spotlight, and Tanedra is invisible this episode.

Best Dressed: Angela (Lina choose black, again)

Eliminated: Lina, they had a really good reason to do so. But I would rather send Angela home due to her being bland (both acting wise and character wise).

Despite the theme, I appreciate this episode. All the three challenges are solid, and the elimination is justified. I don’t know about the girls in this episodes though.

And for the trailer, you mean Vagina?

(P.S: Seriously, or maybe not make that movie.)

Storyline: Angela being unnoticeable, Jessica Vs Homa, Lina’s diva issue (end)

Funny Moments

1. The very slow reaction of the model after Tanedra said her first line in the Acting Challenge

2. Jessica’s performance in the Acting Challenge

3. Shawnee admitting to everyone that screen writers has a huge ego when valuing their script (then again, she’s right, for me at least)

4. Michelle needed 10 seconds to pose for a mirror before finally reacting to a killer behind her

5. Jessica slapping a thousand bees while screaming

6. Sean Gunn (the actor playing the Warden), mistaking “racist” for “homophobic”

Next episode, it’s all about facing their fears.


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