Scream Queens 1: Bloody Fears

This episode is mostly about fears: of blood, death and insects.

And about Angela proving herself to become a contender for the next Saw movies.

P.S: Sorry about the break.

The night, nothing new happened (just everybody listening to Angela wanting to prove herself)

At morning, the girls prepare themselves in bathing suits and jelly (with seconds of fanservice) for the next…

Acting Challenge

Act, dive out to the bloody pool, and declare your vengeance to the homicidal maniac.

T: Another solid, but not flashy challenge, and the girls did okay (other than Jessica, which slightly fell into the comedic side). We know some of the girls’ attribute like Lindsey’s self hating (not quite new) and Angela’s father abandoning her (which is a new info).

And from this episode now on, no more granting call backs in the Acting Challenge, instead the winner will receive advantages. This week, the winner (Tanedra, again) will choose her scene partner for the Director’s Challenge.

Short filler of why Tanedra chose Angela as a scene partner, and why she don’t want Jessica as a scene parter (Hint: Jessica is psycho)

Acting Class: Experience Death

Recite a nursery rhyme, in a morgue

T: Really, really silent, and really, really pushing the girls for a raw performance.

Unless you’re like Sarah, who just feels like sleeping in a uncomfortable bed.

Jump Scare

T: Okay as it’s own, amplified with the girls just finished the Acting Challenge.

Here’s the teams: Tanedra & Angela, Michelle & Lindsey, Sarah & Jessica.

Events before the Director’s Challenge,

Girls: Real bugs, no way.

Practicing, practicing…

Sarah, Jessica: Cockroaches, Cockroaches, cockroaches, COCKROACHES….

On the set,

James: You are getting bugs, ladies. And you all will be touching them.

Girls: Bugs!

T: Another solid challenge, what should I say other than critiquing the girls’ performance?

Michelle & Lindsey: I have to agree with the set that Michelle done better, especially when Lindsey fumbled the zipper line.

Sarah & Jessica: Really tense and angry, though Jessica did improve later on.

Tanedra & Angela: Both of them are good, but I will give it to Angela just for the improvised scene. Though the screaming at the end is too loud.

Angela: Tanedra is nice for reminding me to not get blood on my portrait and be compared to the weaker half in Jo-Anne & Kylah.

Tanedra: I’ll just give her a push just for this scene, just this once and I will throw her a reverse bear trap later.

Zero drama between the Director’s Challenge to The List, and The List to the List Ball.

All of them will be summoned there.

Best Dressed: Sarah

Judges: Angela, you have done really well this episode. But since this is the first time Tanedra being on the List Ball despite doing really consistently in her run, she gets the Leading Lady.

Judges: Lindsey, you are a good actress, and (Lindsey cries about not having self-confidence)…okay, can you please stop this nonsense from now on, it’s getting to our nerves, and that will be going to translate poorly with the viewers’ perception of you.

Eliminated: Sarah, acceptable.

It is a solid episode, just not a star episode.

Funny Moments

1. Jessica & Sarah practicing their script for the Director’s Challenge and feeling like they are fighting with each other. (There is an actual exercise for it).

2. Angela improvised scene in the Director’s Challenge.

Next episode, the girls gone bad, supernaturally (seriously, WTH does it have to do with the Saw franchise, the supernatural part of course).


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