Scream Queens 1: Different Feels So Supernatural

This episode’s theme is altered states, where one personality can become a different with some psychological help or supernatural help. Though for me it’s more about being evil.

Acting Challenge

Conjure a demon on a pentagram, get possessed and act like the demon. (Fictitious)

T: Ok challenge.

Tanedra: The mid possessed part is the best part. Before and after sounded similar.

Michelle: The pre possessed part is the best part (which shows a transition from vulnerability to anger).

Jessica: Hilarious

Lindsey: Too short to judge, due to being outshined by her boobs.

Angela: Mid possessed part is great, though the pre-possessed part I felt like she’s memorizing.

So Michelle won the challenge, with the advantage being first choice for clothes.

Acting Class: I Am You

Having 2 people in the scene, drink a potion and become the partner, spew out things that are true and shows the vulnerability of the partner.

T: A challenge that can became emotional or offensive with the actors.

In my point as a viewer, I felt that both Michelle and Tanedra got a raw end of the stick. In the five episodes, what I know is that Lindsey needs self-confidence, Angela wants recognition and Jessica needs respect & not to be seen as a joke. The facts that the editors drilled us with.

But Michelle and Tanedra? Both of them rarely showed a vulnerable characteristic flaw that everyone can easily exploit like Angela and Lindsey. And considering that it has been already weeks (that the editors wants us to think) they’ve been living together, they weren’t close enough to express their vulnerabilities.

Though Michelle could have needed more self-awareness when she saw Tanedra can be offended just with Ebonics translation. While Tanedra, when her anger is push to the limit, it is as ugly as the short lived “Queen B-s” comments from Kylah and Michelle.

P.S: The girls somehow didn’t shower for the class, despite the Acting Challenge being in daylight.

Director’s Challenge

Become a vampire, seduce your dinner and suck the blood out of him

T: Ok challenge and not many things happened except for Jessica & Lindsey struggling.

And Angela’s costume is horrible.

Filler with Angela showing her fangs, and wanting to get recognition, again. (Seriously, I want more Tanedra or Michelle moments, or what Lindsey and Michelle is talking at the pool…no, it just leads to Lindsey talking about her self-esteem issues, again.)

To the List Ball with Angela, Lindsey and Jessica. With these two obviously being in the bottom 2, Angela chances to being the Leading Lady is finally materializing.

Best Dresses: Lindsey.

Eliminated: Jessica, which is a bummer, but I have to agree that Lindsey is a better actress than her.

For Jessica, she is funny in an unintentional way, which fares really poorly with the serious atmosphere in the Saw franchise. In fact, her best performance is actually the Zombie Trailer challenge (Which in my opinion, outshined everybody in screentime and screaming), which is a comedy skit. But being seen as a psycho archetype really cripples everybody perception of her.

Judges: Great job Angela, you work really hard and your improvisation is great. We are so proud of you By the way, tell Michelle that she won Leading Lady.

Angela: (In the confession)…………………………F-.

A great episode, with the Tanedra-Michelle conflict in the Acting Class that shows more of their character (Which is good, since Tanedra is invisible for most of the season, and this season don’t have a lot of conflict). Angela working so hard to achieve some recognition, and get swiped under her nose, so cruel by the producers and the judges part.

Funny Moments

1. Michelle comforting Jessica with saying that she’s versatile in having a lot of personalities in one body. (Translation: She’s psycho)

2. Jessica’s performance in the Acting Challenge, and then managed to unintentionally lighten the mood in a very serious Acting Class.

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