Scream Queens 1: Presenting Alone

This episode is all about being able to live up a scene by only 1 people.

Basically a recap of feelings for the last episode. And Michelle starts to become cocky.

Acting Challenge

Perform in a scenario that you felt will be your last 5 minutes.

T: While it is short, it is quite memorable.  Most of the girls did very well, though I kinda prefer Tanedra over Lindsey (Michelle is too vague when describing her scenario and Anegla’s mouth is too distracting)

It ended up with Lindsey wining (with us seeing Michelle’s “A”-Star attitude dropped, which is funny) and ended up with us seeing Angela talking about not having recognition again (which is tiring). This episode leg up, is the order the winner would go last or first.

Acting Class

Talk to a doll so that he will spit out information.

T: Quite difficult. Though it just stolen out of it’s thunder with Angela asking John why Michelle got Leading Lady (which is actually a good question).

Lesson: Actors get rejected most of the time, so just move on to your next task.

And filler with how pressure will damage the morale the actor (aka Angela)

Jump Scare

What’s with the note on the mirror? And the trinkets at the cupboard?

T: Stupid episode trailers (and the too obvious note), you ruined everything.

Then Lindsey and Angela passive aggressively talk about humility and winning Leading Lady.

Director’s Challenge

Jekyll and Hyde via a mirror.

T: A rather technical challenge to show the range of the girls’ acting

Tanedra: Both her good and evil side don’t have any noticeable difference (just the same 2 Tanedras talking to each other), and it ended up dull to watch.

Michelle: This challenge shows her biggest strength in acting: the ability to transits her emotions effectively. Her evil side is really strong, and her good side can fool some people.

Angela: Not interesting, not commenting.

Lindsey:  Too bad that her performance is cut short, since her evil side is interesting.

All of them will be in the List Ball for this episode.

Best Dressed: Tandrea (Everybody dress just sucked, especially Lindsey, stop dressing like a girl next door)

Leading Lady: Lindsey, overjoyed with finally achieving to be good in a scene (and beating Michelle).

Axed: Angela, kinda inevitable when you got someone who had a consistent run and someone who made out to be unable to be axed without being called bull-.

For this episode it’s so serious that it felt more legit than it supposed to, which is why there are not funny moments I can present this episode.


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