Scream Queens 1: Final Thoughts

One word is for the people who stumbled here is that watch this show. And here are some of my thoughts.

Flow Of The Season


When the house divide in Episode 2 just blow up in just half an episode, it is going to be more about the individual than the group. And that translated into Lindsey talking about her self-esteem issues, Marissa’s makeover de-confidence…

Despite the nastiness that came from the confession cam, the face by face drama rating is fairly low. In fact, Sarah has the most verbal arguments with people, with a measly sum of 3 (and 2 of them come from being really drunk, 1 of them filler). It means that the girls are willing to be diplomatic and respectful with each other.

Elimination Order

With the judges having some good amounts of justification, I’m satisfied with all of them except for maybe Lindsey.

Jump Scare

Fun, but too much is too boring.

Favorite: Episode 2

Favorite Moment

The night out in Episode 3, awesome with the insane turn of events

Favorite Girl

This is very hard….Michelle? Because despite the cockiness, she’s determined, had a good range of emotions, and best of all, her professionalism in such a young age that not many people is willing to give her credit about it.

I also like Kylah and Tanedra as well, but Kylah’s too short and Tanedra’s too invisible in some of the episodes despite winning.

Funniest Moment

Michelle’s caveman pose in Episode 3.

So that’s currently I can think of, thank you for reading

P.S: As I have some editing jobs for Tv Tropes, here is the trope page for this show (Both Seasons).


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