Scream Queens 1: Finale

Now it is the final episode, and who will win the leading lady in the Saw franchise?

Lindsey, the former child star from Nickelodeon who had some self esteem issues?

Michelle, the Texan girl who angered the commentators of YouTube with her cockiness in the confession room and never seem to be in real danger of elimination after her caveman performance in episode 3?

Or Tanedra, the girl with the least experience in the film set surprised everyone with her believability and had some anger issues?

P.S: Why it is now switch to Dan Smith instead of Joana Rivers?

A rather explosive night in Tanedra being paranoid about being sent home in the Final 3 (Which I can actually understand, since that critique she got might have been awful timing, just a week!?) and argued with Lindsey about it.

Biggest winner for the night? Michelle, as her eyes is still on the role while her competition have some potential cracks to implode.

The Scream Queen Gauntlet

Perform a horror sequence in 1 go.

T: A challenge that looks legit for a horror scene. Unfortunately, the 1 take lost it’s magic when the editors decided to cut some scene time (Which is bull-)

And I kinda felt bad for Lindsey due to being eliminated for different reasons (their criticism for their scene is the lack of urgency, while they eliminated her for not having the presence of the Final Girl), while Michelle voice volume is too shrill, and Tanedra inexperience caught her up in the backstage needing too much time to finish perfecting her scene.

But their decision is set, and now the Top 2: Michelle and Tanedra who hugged in celebration.

At the Lionsgate Studio

Jigsaw: Hello, Michelle. Hello, Tanedra.

Girls: OMG! (Wait, what happened to our voices)

Jigsaw: I would like to play a game, to see if one of you is worthy enough to perform with me in the Saw Franchise. First you must clean the seats, fix the audio and finally perform in a scene from one of my movies. By the way, the champagne that you have drank contains a silencer that mute your voice.

Girls: !!!!!!!

Jigsaw: (For 30 seconds).

 Acting Class

1 on 1 Private Coaching

T: John Homa is nasty with a reason right, ladies?


Trapped with a dynamite collar, have a conversation with Jigsaw via a transmitter and learn that you’re family is in danger.

T: Consider that acting as a helpless victim is more in favor towards Michelle, I think that Tanedra did a good job. Though Tanedra could have use less of an anger while Michelle voice can be less grating.

Best Dressed: Michelle

Winner: Tanedra, which I can’t complain when they also add in the past performances in her evaluation (when Michelle has some inconsistencies from time to time).

And thanks to everyone who has been reading this season really late recap, I did it out of of whim and excitement. I may be doing a recap of Scream Queens 2 as well. But I will wait for some time to rest of posting other things instead.

Funny Moments:

1. Lindsey after managing to broke the door.

2. Tanedra: Step aside Michelle, I need to sit the limo first.

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