Flash Games: The Enchanted Cave 2

Currently I’m going on a break from focusing on reality shows, and it’s time for Flash Games again.

This is a sequel to a successful rough-like RPG game from 2010.


Congratulations, you have arrived in the Enchanted Cave, where people armed from all places came to collect gold and treasure. Bad news, you arrived at a time where people started to go missing in a suspicious rate. Good news, you are a human player, and can explore dark secrets that no one knows.


There are 2 places, the city and the cave.

The city is where you store your artifacts, talk to NPCs for a small period get a quest which needed you to grind for a spell and buy artifacts for a small period.

Of course, that leaves the cave being the main attraction. you fight monsters, collect treasure and coins, strengthen yourself with gems and buy things that cannot be brought off by the cave.


Manage your inventory and fight the monsters. Leveling up brings you skills to strengthen yourself in the three trees, warrior, mage and alchemist. When you’re health is rough, cast the spell Heal (which is 3 skills away), drink potions or use the Escape Wings to fly out the cave.

Plus, you may also collect ingredients, which can be fused together to make custom potions, or find a forge to strengthen your equipment (which costs 15 Magic Points). Like normal weapons and potions though, they can’t be taken out.


The key to victory, prioritize your defenses (since there are no Haste spell to speed up your attack speed), both in your main defense and the elemental defense (fire, ice, wind, earth, light and dark), and you are lucky when you get equipment that provide wind defense, considering ingredients that provide it are rare.

Since that enemies hits hard the deeper you go, sometimes go to the next floor immediately to cut your losses if you can’t beat it. If you’re defense are good enough that enemies attack feels like a small scratch, kill everybody to get more Exp.

Also, find things that provide regeneration properties, health and mana, which can let you cast another Heal spell when things gone tough.

And potions, both original and crafted can go a long way in your survivability.

So that’s it, here the link to the game. And thank you for game producer, DustinAux.


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