Flash Games: Puzzle Fuzz: Idle Stories

Idle games is kinda something I love to hate. I love it for seeing how things progress without doing 100% of the work, and I hate it for wasting a lot of time and energy doing something that didn’t make my learn stuff.

This game at leaves gives me 1 small fix for the hate section.


There is a story, but this is just more gameplay focused.

And it is rather dull as a story, since for the 1st story alone you’ll need to


You have a monster in front of you and you have an ally helping you to fight. And then there’s a board, which contains 4 colors of blocks: red, blue, yellow, and greed. The board is for you to click three blocks that are the same color and power up your ally to get more coins.

With those coins, you can buy and upgrade your allies to make the game more efficient.

And with some minutes later, you will encounter a treasure box, which when you drop it to the last row, it will provide ooze, which buys and upgrade your allies.

Well, it is that simple, it’s an idle game after all.

So just play it if you are bored for some time or hearing the music again and again.

Thanks to YAYits Andrew, timpopsuperstar and NickE20.


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