Reality Tv: 5 Types Of The Amazing Race Challenges

I watch some seasons, so I might able to get a grip of how challenges can be separated into these categories:

1. Physical

2. Mental

3. Skill

4. Guts

5. Luck


Tasks that uses muscle and energy. They can be carrying things from 1 place to another, carrying up furnitures, riding a horse and one of the most basic but important requirement for every season, running. Sometimes can be overlapped with Skill tasks.


Tasks that uses brain power. Final exam puzzles in the 12-17 era are a sucker for this (example: Season 12 Logic Puzzle), navigating new places, learning new languages and solving a Rubik’s Cube.


Tasks that trip off physical teams with a set of different directions. Dancing Bollywood, performing a tea ceremony and fixing a mechanical horse.


Tasks that requires courage to finish. Jumping off cliff & bungee jumping are the norm for this type of task, and eating really bizarre food in scorpions & witchery grub place here well. Though now the former is starting to become more and more of a time waster due to teams in the back had no way of catching up to the front runners in this type of task.


Tasks that everyone dislike, due to advancing came be 1 minute or 6 hours. They can be identifying a pattern in a thousand pictures, unlocking a lock with a single keys in 1000 locks, or as simple as milking an llama.

Also, these types of tasks can be mixed together. Which you have to memorize a row of pictures (Mental) while going zip gliding (Guts), diving down a shark tank to get a code to solve the flag puzzle (which is Physical, Mental and Guts at the same time) or rowing a kayak to find a flag in a thousand to get the next clue (Physical + Luck).

So these are the 5 types of The Amazing Race Challenges that I can provide…I think.

If you have any opinions please write some comments.

One thought on “Reality Tv: 5 Types Of The Amazing Race Challenges

  1. I would call milking a llama a luck task, or any animal task really. Though there is a bit of luck involved, dealing with animals is its own kind of challenge. Teams have both excelled and struggled at animal related tasks due to their ability to stay calm, like Zev zooming through Season 16’s duck Roadblock, or Nate & Jen struggling with their donkey in the Season 12 premiere.

    And don’t forget navigation, which provides its own challenges.


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