Scream Queens 2: 2 Years Later, New Fear Is Here.


Scream Queens 2, the final season thanks to the SAW Franchise being over. And there are no bios for this season in the VH1 page, let’s just immediately head to the first episode.

The intro congratulates Tanedra for being good enough to have her role continue for the next Saw movie: SAW 3D, and the winner will get to join her in the movie. Then they present the judges:

1. John Homa, who we knew.

2. Tim Sullivan, horror movie director

3. Jamie King, actress.

And the contestants: Tai (26), Rosanna (22, Work For Religion, Gogo Dancer, YouTube Celebrity), Sarah (26, Heavy Accent, Had a Child), Christine (28, Children Entertainer), Alison (26, Ipod Girl), Sierra (22), Gabby (24), Jessica (24). And 2 more that the show introduce them later on, meet Karlie (28, VH1 recruit years later)  and Lana (28, Director’s Girl)

Jamie: Introduction, how to be a Scream Queen…

Suddenly the roof break in…

T: Okay for a Jump Scare, just hope that it won’t be recurring.

Acting Challenge

Wake up after a nightmare, and be scared again by the homicidal maniac in that dream (Fictional)

T: Ok challenge, and had a restricting creativity that forces the technical side of the girls. For the girls:

Jessica: Believable.

Sierra: That really looks like she had a sex dream.

Karlie: Meh

Gabby: Believable, better than Jessica.

Lana: Meh.

So the winner for this challenge is Gabby, who told everyone her troubles about not having enough money for acting classes and groceries, but whatever, she guaranteed a Callback this episode.

And minutes later in their new mansion, Lana and Tai (who became the Confession Queen right now) question Gabby whether that she deserved to win since she won because of her essence (what is that) than her acting ability.

Acting Class

Build you rage, by smashing pumpkins.

T: Good exercise, and surprisingly hilarious.

Jump Scare

What the hand pointing at, a bowl?

T; It startles me to be honest.

After the get their scripts…

Jessica: Homework.

Alison: MY!

Jessica and Sarah: They are so loud.

Gabby: SOUL!

Sierra: They will lose their voices.

Karlie, 29: ISN’T!

Sarah: Let them, they will be going home if they keep this up.

Christine: YOURS!

Director’s Challenge

Perform in a trailer for a new horror movie about dating a devil (Fiction)

T: Challenging and testing the girls transition of emotions. The performances:

Jessica: Believable

Sierra: The first part is hilarious and despite her looking at the ceiling in the second part, it’s ok.

Tai: Too bad that the second part is omitted though, it’s Ok.

Lana: The third part…(Facepalm) Feel so bad for her that her dad didn’t prepare her basic emotion lessons.

Gabby: Sure, losing your voice is one thing, but managed to become even more unprofessional (with completely disregarding the steps) than Tanedra (who has no film acting experience but consistently give believable performances) is offensive to everybody, good thing that she has a Callback.

Indirect traditionally, the winner of the Acting Challenge would be presenting The List (since she has immunity, so she has nothing to lose). Not this season, Gabby is included in this episode List.

The Grand Ballroom

Best Dresses: Sierra

Leading Lady: Jessica, no complaints

Gabby: I will be professional from now on, and I will pay the worker who I hit with a door…later.

Sierra (After Jamie talking about casting and studio being uncreative): I will change my look if it suits you-

John: STOP, we need YOU in who you really are as an actress, it’s not about change.

Eliminated: Lana, overacting is relatively better than underacting.

It’s an okay premier.

Storyline: Gabby against everybody, Sierra proving herself.

Funny Moments

1. The girls smashing the pumpkins to build rage

2. The screaming session, and apparently Karlie is actually 29.


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