Scream Queens 2: Come Into The Darkside

This episode is all about playing the villain, and partially about Sierra.

Night After The Ballroom

One half of the part that is talked about is Sierra, with her needing to to tone down her makeover (plus her acting, which Tai pointed out that it is a bigger concern than her appearance). Another half is about Gabby with her lack of focus (which Jessica pointed out that it made Gabbby hard to work with) and talking about being in 13 different schools.

Overall, a basic recap except for Sierra’s sudden friendship with Rosanna.

Acting Challenge

Become a witch, cast a curse to someone as a revenge, wear like a badass. (Fictional)

T: A solid challenge that shows the creative juices of the girls. For the girls that are focused:

Best Dressed: Tai, which looked rather modernized for a witch.

Gabby: Despite her awful skirt, she had a good opening (though her breathing look lengthy), but just broke down when trying to stir the pot (which she didn’t improvise, a shame).

Tai: Ok, just that she had signs of breaking character.

Rosanna: (Facepalm)

Sierra: Ridiculous (with her voice and her hat that overshadowed the story), and not in a funny way.

Christine: Believable

And without any competition, Christine won the guaranteed Callback.

A segment about Sierra being unsafe once again, and with Sierra & Rosanna consulting each other to give it their best shot.

Acting Class

Tell someone that how you will kill that person in the words of ABC. Then tell how you will kill that person.

T: For me, it is strangely mesmerizing. Forming information with just information with your emotions than your words is brilliant.

I felt kinda strange that not one paid attention to season 1 Sarah’s accent (maybe due to Shawnee the monotone lady), but this season the girls just really focuses on Season 2 Sarah’s Chicago accent.

Then about John lambasting Rosanna, well he’s kinda right in that he has the power to eliminate people, and she became unresponsive for the second time in this episode.

After a filler with Sierra & Rosanna being in danger, the girls went into the hot tub and questioning whether bananas can float in jacuzzi water (which it did) and then suddenly a prisoner arrives…

T: Lack the level of horror, and is that Jessica from Season 1?

Director’s Challenge

Prepare a meal for your boyfriend (played by Trevor Wright, actor best known for Zach in Shelter) the meal: your boyfriend. (Non-Fictional)

T: Ok challenge for the evil theme, and the director explain what he want (the sweet girl to the evil girl) well. For the notable girls:

Alison: Ok

Sierra; Lacking in evilness, and looks a tad sweet and sexual.

Karlie: It takes a amazing ability to gross out everybody else…and then let the show forget about you for 90% of the episode.

Sarah: About her accent again.

Gabby: Good

Rosanna: Despite the kitchen being her centerstage for her YouTube channel (Nerdy Mummies here’s one example).

She just blew it here, not only her transition is weak, and she just forgot a line.

Without any distractions, the List is up. The following actresses are summoned to The Ballroom: Tai, Rosanna, Sierra, Sarah & Gabby. Everybody and especially Sierra freaked out.

And apparently, there is a clique between Christine, Gabby and Alison (who had the b-ty role in the confessions this episode).

The Grand Ballroom

Best Dressed: Rosanna

Leading Lady: Gabby, I might give it to Tai instead.

Axed (Gosh, I also had a bad habit to writing Eliminated instead of Axed): Rosanna, which I have no complaint on, especially when Sierra immediately expresses her passion of wanting to win.

Though for Rosanna, I don’t think that she will be sad for long, because she’s sweet and she is more web famous than most of the Season 2 cast combined thanks to her YouTube channel.

Storyline for this episode: Sierra’s fighting to stay in the competition and Gabby consistency issues.

Good episode, just not that memorable.

Funny Moments

1. Sierra’s witch hat.

2. Karlie: “Hambebublekshakta!”

4. Karlie eating the raw meat and risking E.Coli.


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