Scream Queens 2: Be Silent And Move Your Body

Intro: About Sierra (things that we already know), Sarah (for her new fear with insects, I will be freaked out too) and Karlie (About getting herself together. Who is she?)

Night After The Ballroom

Sierra, next.

Karlie talks about being unnoticed because the girls gets some feedback (cause apparently Alison isn’t).

Then Sierra (and later Tai) decides to teach Sarah know to talk in a “movie star” accent, since Sierra learns how to lose her New York accent in 2 years. It’s very nice, but it’s kinda sad when I witness the experience that actors had to lose their native accent so that they can be accepted in the movie culture.

And kinda hypocritical that Season 1 Sarah had never been criticized for her accent, she should had thanked Shawnee for that.

Acting Challenge

Play a puppet that is shocked alive in a mad scientist room, locate the room, be altered by something and jump off by a window. In a twist, there is no dialogue, and you will be digitalized by wearing an expensive suit (which the value can be purchased for a down payment of a house in 2010, according to Gabby who once brought shoes worth $600). (Fictional)

T: Like Alison said: “This is so cool, like who get to do this, nobody” (Um..You? The girls beside you? The guy that’s demonstrating the challenge? People like him that does this as work?) For the notable girls:

Tai: Ok, and her story made sense.

Sarah: Lucky for her there is no voice to use for this episode. Too bad her performance is boring.

Gabby: While she is in the short segment, her basically screwed up and not being focused is just too difficult to not be noticed.

Sierra; Liked it, while hiding back in the box is good, the wobbly stance at the beginning is also brilliant.

Alison: Initially I thought that her’s looks awesome, but Jamie’s explanation to Alison of her being off-character made realistic sense. By the way, her eyes are shooting daggers when she heard about it.

So Sierra won a guaranteed Callback, no complaints

P.S; The guest music for this episode really complements the short segment, especially at the end.

Short filler that Sarah confess to Tai and Karlie (who had a generic confession) about she had anxiety issues.

Acting Class

Learn how to cry on demand

T: Difficult, by with Homa’s additional advice, kinda makes it more easier. And it also let us know some of the girls tidbits:

Sierra: Her best friend is her sister. And she started to learn about how to be specific.

Alison: She’s scared of having a child.

Gabby: She lost her father and didn’t like using passiveness to drive her emotions. And felt warm towards Homa.

After the pleasant experience with Homa class, Karlie (the lone exception) freaked out in front of the girls. There is also a underlying consensus that Gabby might have not been respected by the girls. Since Karlie wants assurance that Gabby is a weaker performer than her (which Jessica, who has been extremely UTR, disagrees in the confession)

Then they collect a moving present, which is a -. And then is scared by a –

Director’s Challenge

When you came back to the house, you saw a decaying state, and then tragedy strikes with a decomposing body there, and you look up, being rained by maggots all you can say for the entire time is:



T: Really fun challenge to watch and challenges the transition of various emotions for the girls. And gross. For the notable girls performance:

Alison: It’s okay, blocking the maggots with her hands is smart

Karlie: She sounds Spanish, and she just overreacted to the point of being hilarious (which is a nice change from the episodes beforehand)

Sierra: The curiosity part and the running towards part is decent, but I’m not sure with the part where the maggots rained on her though.

Sarah : After witnessing Jessica swallowing some of the maggots and her own anxiety of being scared to being near the maggots, she got really bland and sometimes rushed.

Without a beat, The List arrived, and the following are summoned: Karlie, Sierra (Third week in a row), Alison and Sarah.

The Grand Ballroom

Best Dressed: Sierra (It’s a different look on her)

Leading Lady: Sierra (Especially with Jamie criticizing Alison for her image)

Axed: Karlie (No complaints, and I would have thought that she is the one who had anxiety issues if Sarah didn’t talk earlier on).

Major Character: Sarah, Sierra (third week in a row) and oh, Karlie.

Solid episode, and kinda feel relief that the judges gave Sierra the Leading Lady to stop the editors bringing up her needing to fight in this competition (you know how that went with Angela).

Funny Moments

1. The girls being freaked out…by –

2. The maggot’s nest, immediately making a good scene campy in 3 seconds upon seeing it.

3. Karlie’s performance in the Director’s Challenge


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