Scream Queens 2: Snakes And Seduction

Intro: A 2 second goodbye to Karlie (So robbed of a better edit), and other basic stuffs other than Christine crying about something.

Night After The Ballroom

Basic stuffs, next.

Acting Challenge

Paying a homage to the horror flicks, get dressed for a photoshoot and make yourself sexy. (In between).

T: Definitely familiar to last season photoshoot challenge, too bad about those posters not having a title. For the girls photos that the show deems the best, and in a snap reaction of only showing the girls’ faces:

Christine (Teacher): No

Alison (Demon Baby): Ok, kinda feel bad for the show pushing her the baby route and the most modest clothing, which leads her to b-ching about everything (then again, she kinda had a presence of b-ching about everything)

Tai (Frankenstein Bride): Definitely no

Sierra (Phonecall): Even without the voice she looks too forced. BTW, what’s with her wig?

Gabby (Shower): Really frightening

Sarah (Axe Killer): Ok with only her face, but really sexy when the full body is shown.

Jessica (Nurse): More sexy than evil

So Sarah won a guaranteed Callback, in addition, a magazine cover in Fangoria.

Then Sierra & Christine will get a makeover, Sierra is definitely okay (since she proclaimed that she will change) while Christine (like some girls in ANTM) freaked out.

The Makeover

After a nice bonding moment with Sierra & Christine, the girls are back with their new looks.

Christine:…It’s subtle. (To the point where Homa just simply felt meh compared to

Sierra: That’s more of a makeover, but for me it doesn’t scream Leading Lady.

Acting Class

Seduce Homa, by preparing margaritas

T: Last season fruit challenge (remember those girls in that challenge, hilarious), though this kinda has less hilarity but still funny. And honestly, 2 years and the girls didn’t learn something from last season?

After the class, the script giver came, with a box, for the girls, what’s inside for the girls to unlock?

Director’s Challenge

Be a stripper that seduces a crowd of 1, with an intention of killing him. Since like, you are part snake. (Fictional)

T: Kinda felt a bit similar to the Director’s Challenge in Episode 2 (both contains girls with dark secrets). Otherwise a ok task. For the notable girls:

Jessica: No complaint

Gabby: (Facepalm for the technical aspect), and it definitely shows that’s most girls (except for Christine) doesn’t respect her as an actress, at least, a professional actress

Alison: Her eyes definitely crashed her ok performance

Tai: Too bad that her phobias of snakes just swallow her actual performance (which everyone said is okay).

Back to the mansion, Gabby & Christine (whose hair just reverted back to her original self) gossiped about Gabby sucking at acting (which is technically true, but performically untrue). Approximately a day later Gabby & Tai argued about it, which both sides had a valid point (Gabby not showing her acting potential and while Tai egging on Gabby, like almost everyone else).

For me I kinda leaned towards Tai because critiquing other people performances is kinda norm for this series (Alison did it with harshness, Sierra did it to the point of dominating most of the confessions this episodes, most of the cast of Season 1 did it, all in confessions). Basically Gabby could have just used it as fuel (like Lindsay did when Michelle acts like an A-List) and prove all of them wrong, not just fuming about it.

P.S: Consider that most of the challenges felt more technical than last season, Tanedra should have thanked her lucky star that she’s included in Season 1, but then again, she might still excel with just some technical directions.

Now for The List: Jessica, Gabby and Alison. We know who’s going to be Leading Lady, but who will be eliminated.

The Grand Ballroom

Best Dressed: Gabby

Leading Lady: Jessica. Expected but kinda felt lacking.

Axed: Alison. Sorry, I will ax Gabby instead for her inconsistency.

Major Characters: Actually this episode most of the girl edits are fairly even.

The laughs are fine and the whole cast is visible, but the tasks are copied (but I will forgive since it’s inevitable) and I don’t like the way Alison is axed because her features (which I won’t argue about it, she had some time) over her attitude.

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