Scream Queens 2: Funny Fangs

Intro: Fights! Fangs! Divide! Who shall we root for?

Night After The Ballroom

Nothing really notable, expect that you can taste the vitriol between the two groups (Gabby & Christine VS Tai, Jessica, Sierra & Jessica). And the fewer the girls, the more pressure the girls face. Kinda would have like the house divide to be more clearer at the start, but compare to Season 1 (which blown off in not even a single episode), it’s an improvement.

Acting Challenge

Become a zombie (of what kinda it’s up to you), crawl up, walk, and get shot. (Fictional)

T: Fun challenge, and surprisingly technical with the props, blood bags and cardboard graves. For the girls:

Jessica: Believable, but like Tai said, traditional (like most of Jessica performances, believable but safe).

Sarah: Her rockstar choice is okay, but just lack believability and ended up being ridiculous.

Tai: Really liked her direction of a hungry zombie, since I knew there are people there to notice and shoot her.

Gabby: (Facepalm) Even without the technicalities, did she played a zombie, at all? (And her face looks beautiful, which is a no when you are supposed to crawl out from a grave).

And the winner is Tai (no complaints), and she received…Jamie’s praise (and a more subtle one, a leg up to be safe for this episode). Boo, at least in Season 1 there are clear advantages when you win (even one of them include order of performing).

Back at the mansion, Gabby is frustrated because of her technical issues, while Sarah shares her breakdown with Tai over missing her daughter. Kinda share my fears with Sarah over missing someone you really care, and kinda share my fears with Alison over being scared of developing a parental bond that may hinder your own dreams.

Acting Class

Improvise, perform a real life situation that adds a supernatural twist.

T: A challenge that is good for laughs, but I felt it is too short as a class.

So most of the girls are hanging together (well, in Tai clique at least) and wondering about the next Director’s challenge, and suddenly, there are teeth dancing the floor, and it lead to a note…

T: Boring

So the script turns out to be a trailer challenge where all girls are set to be filmed together. Which means more Gabby VS Tai drama, strangely about Christine being more focused on caring Gabby than herself (Which Christine begrudgingly admits it’s true). Gabby called Tai fake, while Tai called Gabby being dependent of being in Gabbyland.

One word: Tense

Director’s Challenge

Perform in a trailer about vampire fighting for control in a Wild West Town

T: Why the producers didn’t decide to do an audition session is beyond me, and why the producers hecked up a virtually perfect 4 VS 2 battle in real life by switching Sarah and Gabby is also beyond me. For the girls performance, scene by scene that have special attention:

The Outlaws Arrives: Focuses more on Christine, who lack the intimidation of a bad guy (which I agree).

Sierra: Only sweet, and lacking the spice.

Gabby Dunks Sarah: Focuses more on Sarah, who just got a panic attack after being drowned successively in water.

Without a beat, The List is here to congratulate Tai for winning Leading Lady (a Double), then summoned Christine, Gabby, Sierra and Sarah.

This will be nasty

The Grand Ballroom

Best Dressed: Christine

Christine: She’s the last person being here, but unlike Tanedra, it’s for bad reasons (tendency of being safe and focusing on others other than herself).

Sarah: For lack of overtaking growth, anxiety issues and not showing the full package.

Gabby: For technical issues, lack of focus

Sierra: For being one note and lacking in subtleness

After telling all of them that they are all not safe and having valid reasons, the person that is getting the ax is:

Sarah, who I’m ok with it, especially she claims that she will have another breakdown when she didn’t see her daughter.

Definitely kinda see what’s Alison felt about 1 aspect of babies.

A decent storyline going on with Gabby & Tai and The Grand Ballroom, but having unremarkable challenges, class and the jump scare.

Funny Moments

1. Sarah rockstar zombie.

2. Tai as a Frankenstein having a speeding ticket.

3. Sarah as a werewolf ordering in a fast food restaurant, and sounding more like a chicken.


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