Scream Queens 2: Myself, Show My Strength

Intro: Gabby is now on the line, the judges questions her technicality, other contestants don’t respect her, and even her only one friend Christine admits that Gabby is in her Gabbyland.

What should Gabby do? Fight back and prove them wrong!

Starting with the contestant who is the most vocal about it, Tai.

P.S: Calling Tai a bully is totally untrue.

Night After The Ballroom

Tai and Jessica are not surprised to see Sarah is eliminated (since Gabby at least done well in the Director’s Challenge and Sarah been in the Danger Zone as frequent as Gabby, and Sierra).

And with now the competition becomes more and more harder (pressure wise, judges wise and contestant wise)

Acting Challenge

Experiencing the nice scenery outside the skyscraper window, then look down at the people, and scream at the monster who is looking at you. All of it are acted in solo, and performed in a green screen. (Fictional)

T: Season 1 Solo Challenge with a technical twist, but it’s actually performic (since the technical aspect is stand on a square and look at where the ball goes). For the girls:

Christine: Believably basic

Jessica: Believable

Tai: Overreacting to the point that she could get axed easily (In truth, she also had some moments of inconsistency, Frankenstein photo anyone?)

Sierra: Hand movements made it comedic.

Gabby: Believable

So the winner is Gabby (I think Jessica did a stronger job though), but at least for her it’s a great start since Tai got criticized.

After the challenge, Tai talks about the prize being closer and all of them will be fighting for it. Somehow, Gabby felt that Tai is insulting her, though Tai’s direction is in front of Gabby and the other girls are more silent about it.

Tension, tension, and the producers are obvious for wanting the viewers who to root for.

Acting Class

Before that, Homa is pissed at how the girls’ progress (with Christine, for her being too safe, with Sierra, for her being…I dunno, with Gabby, oh wait, Gabby is never shown), and then throw the brick at them.


That brick is a prop. And the girls will use all the props. To make the everyone believe in, the props. (In shovel, iron, iron pipes, anything that can kill tonight, hunt your prey and, kill with the props).

T: Definitely decent as a class.

After class, Tai is frustrated at not being at her best. So what did Sierra do for her friend? Reassure Tai that Christine more boring to watch than her, and wants the three of them to focus on the Director’s Challenge.

At dinner, the refrigerator’s magnets are moving…and simply show where the scripts are (the producers are definitely in a wall for thinking about legitimately horrifying Jump Scare).

While Sierra is trying to get some physical teamwork with her posse, Christine meanwhile chose to isolate herself and work alone, since she spent too much time making friends (Which is not that clear, considering that she only made friends with Gabby and by extension, Alison)

Director Challenge

Painting your new home, and before you know it, you are struggling with an unknown entity, who then throw you 20 feet up and ended up knocking up towards a chimney. (Fictional)

T: A really cool challenge in how the actor make a scene believable by using the body.

Jessica: Believably decent

Christine: Will easily make it to my list of Top 10 Best Scream Queens Performances, how she got pulled is insane.

Sierra: H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!

Tai: I would like it to be more polished (sure, you are attacked by a ghost, but you are also filing a scene).

Gabby: Believable

While they are making lunch, Tai posse are reassuring themselves that they are better than Gabby (which I disagree), somehow both Gabby & Christine heard it (in a walking distance). So, more Gabby VS Tai, climax

Tai: You are living in a Gabby land and you are a producers’ pet. And you are interrupting me for fixing your lunch

Gabby: Your words are toxic and you are a Gabby bully. And I need some time to fix my hair.

Christine: Can anybody shut up, I need to focus on my independent work.

Sierra: It is really critical between Tai and Gabby, to the point where 2 fights can be mashed into 1 and nobody will notice any difference.

Jessica: I’m making dinner.

And it never ended up with a truce. With everybody else (except for Christine) not really wanting to get involved, especially with Tai’s sentence that burns it further:

:”Unfortunately, this is not a world where you can control my speech. It’s not fake and it’s not scripted.”

Unfortunately for people, it’s true, even you want to deny it.

For The List, preemptively it congratulated Jessica, and then summoned the following 3: Christine, Sierra and Tai.

Everybody is in shambles, since everything has a chance of going home.

The Grand Ballroom

Best Dressed: Tai

In a special announcement between Tai & Sierra, this episode the judges had the first split decision (which means that Alison elimination is unanimous, boo)

Axed: Sierra, no complaints, despite Tai’s really dropped the ball for this episode, Tai still had some acting qualities that Sierra needed months to hone.

Well, the storyline between Tai & Gabby is decent with the timing (since it’s around the time where Tai started to falter in her performances and there are no complex technical steps that Gabby can screw up so she can show her performic side), and the challenges are great. I feel bad for Jessica for being shunted off to the background though.

Funny Moments

1. Homa throwing a brick that them, while not outright hilarious, it’s genius.

2. Sierra turning the scene into a parody, Boom OP eyes approves.

3. Gabby somehow find the time to fix her hair during her verbal argument with Tai, Manipulative Editing at it’s obvious.

4. Tim Sullivan somehow said that making the audience laugh in a horror movie is the worst offender as a Scream Queen (In one hand, that scene is supposed to be horrifying. But on the other hand, did he forget about camp, that he directed 1 episode earlier?)

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