Scream Queens 2: Psyche

Intro: In one minute, it talks about girls being possessed and then Jessica being bummed out about something.

Night After The Ballroom

Since winning 3 Leading Ladies, Jessica in on a roll and Gabby is not happy about her cockiness, though I think that it’s with Jessica somehow feeling that Gabby is in the Bottom 2 with Sierra, despite talking with Gabby.

And another thing that makes Gabby unhappy? Tai, surviving the elimination. And that feeling is mutual that Tai admitted that Gabby made her lose focus.

Acting Challenge

Get possessed by a ghost who has a reputation of being a tramp, from her through your body, explain that how you get killed, than make the ghost flow out from you. (Fictional)

T: There is some difference with the demon possession challenge from last season (with it being more detailed), but it’s just as exciting with that challenge (in boring but practical). For the girls:

Gabby: The pre-possessed part is awkward (why do you need to cough?), the possessed part is boring, and the flow out part is good.

Jessica: Too sexual to care, though she had hints of showing the nature of the killer.

Christine: Repeat comment from Jessica (though her’s are more detailed and had more difference with before & after).

Tai: Smart choice with using a different route (of being smeared by the bad guy), and it’s good.

Tai won the challenge (no complaints), but her win is overshadowed by Jessica being cocky in bragging her versatility (of being sexy, angry or devastated) to the point where even Tai got annoyed by her.

But whatever, to Homa class they go

Acting Class

Become drunk, imaginatively since you will get no offers from prestigious film production when you get drunk on stage.

T: Ok challenge if you want to learn a new acting skill.

But it’s definitely overshadowed with Jessica exploded in front of Homa due to Gabby:

1. Having another chance with everyone else had 1

2. Copied her

3. Improvised her

For this well, I can see that Jessica is annoyed by Gabby getting Escape Of Ax Free Card, but her outburst can be dangerous in a real acting process.

P.S: Dejavu

After Jessica calmed herself from her outburst she stumbled upon a to many bloodied mask, along with the other girls, they arrived at a bathroom where a guy name Victor wrote a note on a mirror. What will happen when it includes saying his name 3 times. (Spoiler: Some will die)

T: A good comeback of a Jump Scare that has been lacking this season.

Director’s Challenge

Tell your psychiatrist about your killing spree, what and why. And make it so that you are indeed insane (Non-Fictional)

T: Really, really difficult. It’s not only long, it’s also requires a big deal of emotion transition, believability and endurance.

Jessica: Really cool

Christine: Not believable, sometimes it looked forced

Gabby: Really cool, she aura looks different.

Tai: She herself even felt that her focus is waning to the point where her character is all over the place (still, isn’t crazy people supposed to have different personalities in 1 go?).

The Grand Ballroom

Best Dressed: Christine

Leading Lady: Gabby (And Jessica is not enjoying it)

Axed: Tai, no complaints (and most of YouTube is celebrating). Well I feel that the criticism against her is sometimes overblown, she is faltering, and that’s not a good sign.

Funny Moments

1. Jessica & Christine being too sexual for no reason in the Acting Challenge, with a spice of humor from Tai.

2. Tai’s crotch shot


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