Scream Queens 2: Finale

Intro: After 7 weeks of challenges, eliminations, remarks by the girls behinds their backs, catfights between Tai & Gabby, now only three remain:

Jessica: Who win Leading Lady after Leading Lady until an outburst makes her fall into even ground with the other girls. And…what other things do we know her of?

Gabby: Impressing everyone one week due to her strong performic ability, disgusted everyone the next due to her worrying technical ability. Made most of the girls aka Tai’s posse disrespect her to the point that they used her as a assuring measuring stick to compare who is the worse. But since all but one of Tai’s posse is gone, is she able to bring up the stage?

Christine: Started out strong, then made herself invisible thanks to making friends aka Gabby & Gabbyland characters and perform very conservative. And just made the final 3 when she pulled a powerful poltergeist performance. And…that’s it.

But whatever, Gaunlet, then a screening test, a winner is crowned, and I get to recap another short-lived reality show that few people cared.

Which some final thoughts before my next one of course.

Night After The Ballroom

With moments of screaming how Gabby & Christine became the final 3, beating Tai and most of her posse, 7 girls in the house and apparently 30,000 girls in the auditions, they just realized that Jessica (the last remnant of Tai’s posse) is just too tough to beat and feared that one of them is going home.


Jamie:  First off, congratulations to the Final 3. For you 3, this is the most difficult task that you’ll ever face on Scream Queens, because it’s way better than the Saw scene that you can replace with any other Saw scene, the Gauntlet is unique and it’s one take.

Tim: In a scene that has no relation to the Saw franchise, you’ll will be running, fighting and complicated blocking. And Gabby, we will be using special effects in fire, so don’t let the technical aspect trick you.

Homa: Make sure that we can she what are you feeling, from terrorized to heroine. And since we don’t give a lot of Final Girl scenes in this season, you have do make a double effort into proving yourself as a Scream Queen, just by being better than 1 girl.

Heading home you get a creepy phone call, run to you car and get assaulted, escape from the wannabe clutch to perform a chase scene which include sliding down a slide and finding a bonfire out of nowhere, hit the wannabe using a log, throwing him to the fire, and deliver a badass finishing line. (Non-Fictional)

T: The Gauntlet shows its authority in all the Scream Queen challenge once again, but for this, I will rate the girls of what she lacked in the scene before their third try (which is apparently the last):

Jessica: Timing (1st try and 2nd try) and over emphasizing (2nd try)

Christine: Authority in the scene (both tries)

Gabby: Timing (to the point where the camera feel homemade)

So the girl who fell short of being the Top 2 is…Christine (which, no complaints as the judges’ reasoning are justified), thanks to how they can’t see her as a Final Girl.

Christine (to Gabby): Win, hecking kick Jessica’s arse.

Gabby & Jessica: Final 2, Limo, Champagne, Lionsgate Studio, Jigsaw in a siverscreen, Mark Burg in silverscreen, a role in Saw 3D, eeeee!

Acting Class

One on One Scene Improvisation With Homa. Though this time, both of the girls take turns as the voice and the victim,

T: I like it, as it is interesting as a lesson.

And it’s now goodbye to Homa’s Acting Class in Scream Queens, for good.

Feeling sad, here a montage of Jessica & Gabby to make you feel better about their progress in the show, how it may progress them for a better future.

Director’s Challenge

Perform a Saw scene, though this time, they will be directed by another director, Darren Bousman (Director of Saw II, III & IV).

T: A new director is a nice twist, but a scene like this is comparable with the trailer challenge in Episode 1.

Jessica: Okay

Gabby: I actually find it better than Jessica

The Grand Ballroom

Best Dressed: Gabby (it’s actually a toss up in personal preference)

Scream Queen Winner: Gabby (Well, I will be safer with choosing Jessica, but Gabby in this episode is really, really good).

What can I actually say except for congratulations Gabby for your new role in Saw 3D, this episode turned out to be the last of this series for good. It got a wiki page, it has a good meme quote, and it presented new starts (such as ironically, Rosanna from Nerdy Mummies and Karlie Reed in VH1).

Whatever, this show is over, and here’s next in my final thoughts.


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