Scream Queens 2: Final Thoughts

So what did I have to say about this show before moving on?

Contestants And Boot Order

* The contestants are way less funnier than Season 1, and the contestant that has the most potential to become hilarious, Karlie is like air to everyone else rock.

* I really like the storyline between Gabby VS Tai, even some of the scenes are rushed to Gabby needed to fix her hair while having a climax argument with Tai. Though, it’s better to make the sides of the houses clearer.

* Gabby, while a strong actress when needed, she is less satisfying than Tanedra. The other girls (especially Tai) had a good reason of not respecting her in the 2/3th on the show.

* It’s kinda strange that Sierra got a huge storyline in her first 3 episodes, and made into air in her last 3 episodes for the Gabby storyline. Her poltergeist scene is one of the Top 5 for funniest moments in the Scream Queens franchise.

* The bootlist is understandable and reasonable, Alison elimination for me though is a sore exception.

* Even then, I’m okay with the Top 4.


* The budges is obviously higher than Season 1, when do you get to wear a high tech suit than translate into the screen.

* The challenges are also more technical, if Tanedra chose this over Season 1, she would have a harder time there.

* Though I dislike the content of the challenges, most of the Challenges is Season 1 is more realistic than Season 2. And given that the Saw franchise is non-fictional, I prefer Season 1. Though Saw is kinda a unique type of horror-thriller film in movie history.

* I like the Episode 1 trailer challenge, Episode 3 tech suit challenge, Episode 5 vampire trailer (though I would want a screening test scene to make it more legit), Episode 7 psycho scene and of course, the Gauntlet in the Finale.


* It felt like there are three separate judges instead of a host with 2 judges. I kinda feel that Jaime is less involved than Shawnee (who sometimes appears with a snake, or with a faux serial killer).

* Even with the changes, I still like the judges in their own way.

Jump Scare

* Apparent that this show is never for having 1 jump scare per episode.


* I would still want it back for a third season, though with a different movie franchise and a more publicized prize for the winners. Saw is just too different than you typical hack slash film.

Then that’s it, so this is just my take on this season before my next venture. Thank you.

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