Expedition Impossible: Sun! Sand! Sahara!

Well, the first time I have heard about this is from The Amazing Race YMMV (Shortened from of Your Millage May Vary) in Tv Tropes, which they called it a lot less exciting than The Amazing Race. And then I just went on ignoring it for months until I accidentally watched an episode of it (which episode, I will tell you later).

And now I have a blog to talk about things, let get this short lived show produced by Mark Burnett get back into the spotlight for 2 months.

Intro: Camels, Snow and Mountain Climbing in Morocco, who will win in this epic journey in Morocco?

Sahara Desert, guarded by warriors , is where 13 teams of 3 Americans started their journey. Plus, the scene is really cool.

Fab 3 (Ryan, Kari, AJ): Roommates. Kari & AJ are siblings and Ryan & AJ are once a couple.Teal

Country Boys (Nicholas, Jason, Chad): From Mississippi. Camo.

Latin Persuasion (Dashia, Raven, Mai): Latino, kinda pampered. Black.

Football Players (Akbar, Robert, Ricky): Their former profession. Football-Blue

Mom’s Army (Ellie, Ruthie, Abby): Ellie is the mother of Ruthie & Abby. Ruthie & Abby once served in the military. Yellowish-Green or Y-Green

No LImits (Erik, Jeff, Ike): Erik is blind (which is gleefully pointed out by Ellie) and went to Mt. Everest. Jeff is Erik’s climbing guide and Ike is a solider. Orange

Grandpa’s Warriors (Dick, Steven, Samantha): A family team of 3 generations. Dick is the grandfather, Steven is the father and Samantha is the daughter. Yellow.

California Girls (Christina, Brittany, Natalie): Friends who met in a university. Pink

And the teams that didn’t get mentioned before the host starts speaking.

Team Kansas (Lindsay, Kelsey, Mckenzie): From Kansas. Red

New York Firemen (Fathead, Rob, Mike): Firemens. Fire-Blue. (With a nickname like that they would be some mentioning).

The Fishermen (Gus, Nino, Jow): Sanfillipo family. Fishermen on Capitan Dominic. Brown

The Cops (Rob, Dani, Jim): Cops. Cop-Blue

The Gypsies (John, Taylor, Eric): Friends that traveled to 40 countries (Um, is that too unfair as a qualification?). Purple

I will just refer them to the team colors. And why is there so many groups of blue?

Upon meeting the host, Dave Salami explain the rules that’s similar to The Amazing Race (1 quit all gone, elimination for every stage, winner crosses the finish line)

The price: $150,000 US dollars and 3 Ford Explorers. Sounds undeserving for the “impossible” course.

And now the tasks (which are called checkpoints or challenge)


Traverse a tall sand dune to reach a camel outpost. Temperature: Around 95 degrees. (Physical)

T: It’s brutal for being in Day 1, but it’s also simple.

Difficulty (Will be D in italic from now on): 4/5

* Ryan (Teal) family disowned him for 13 years. And Teal got people wondering why their socks are so high.


Pick three camels to carry them to the Lone Palm Camp (Luck + Mental)

T: The camels are fun, but it’s kinda fine.

D: 2/5

* Black have a huge argument. Raven (Black) felt that her teammate Mai acted like a princess.


Find water the Berber way (Mental)

T: A challenge that you can obtain some knowledge of how you collect water in a middle of the desert.

D: 4/5 before finding the answer, 1/5 after finding the answer

Answer: DIg down.

Though kinda didn’t like the way the answer that teams thought of themselves can be taken advantage by everyone else. Kinda defeats the whole challenge

* More Black fighting about Mai attitude, which the camel nods.


After climbing up the Todra mountain, they must rappel down 300 feet to Todra George. (Guts)

T: There are 4 lines to rappel down, but it’s just rappelling. Something that most people can do it if you let go of your initial fears. Though the climb up is brutal though.

D: 2/5 for both challenges.


After a trip in Snake Valley, they are greeted by snake charms with their snake charming routine. Count the snake in the performance, and select the box to find the directions to the finish line. If you guess wrong and use the wrong path, you will have to go back again. (Mental)

T: Despite the penalty being really brutal, the counting is quite easy if you can really see. The hard part is actually walking, more walking.

D: 2/5.

* To show how easy the counting is, only Orange made a wrong turn in their first attempt, and they are just 1 short of the correct answer.

Finish Line

1st place is bragging rights and a head start, & don’t have a name that tourists can locate it when they want to see Morocco.

Kinda fun that it ended up on nightfall when the stage is officially finished. (And is Steven bald? And don’t know why he is ignored).

And in the next morning, we and the teams say a silent goodbye to Black (since the teams don’t know them as everyone just slept till 8 a.m due to physical exhaustion)

Black is okay, though wouldn’t be fair that Raven got to hog all the confession screentime.

Funny Moments:

1. When Black cross over Camo in the Sand Dunes, lowering the seriousness of Chad’s struggles.

2. The monologue of the Moroccan man when Black is arguing about Mai’s princess attitude again. (And apparently, a YouTuber commented that they are saying: ” I can never marry these type of women” instead of “I would never have these women for my wife.”)

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