Expedition Impossible: Light My Way

Time for stage 2.

So how the leg start is kinda different, where they are set in groups. In this stage:

Lead Team: Purple (Who had a 5 minute headstart)

P.S: Knowing different languages is too huge as an advantage.

Second Group: Teal, Football-Blue, Red

P.S: Kinda strange that the producers tends to focus on Teal being a team of 2 gays and a girl, when having a team of 3 girls is more of a focal point of underestimation.

Thrid Group: Camo, Fire-Blue, Orange, Brown

Last Group: PInk, Yellow, Cop-Blue, Y-Green


After walking some distance on foot, ride on a horse 7 miles to a kasbah (Luck+Skill).

Kasbah: A Moroccan fortress where local leaders live in.

T: A fun experience, but those horses can be nasty.

D: 2/5 for experienced riders, 3/5 for non-experience riders.

* Erik (Orange) is applauded for riding a Arabic horse blind. For me I would be, my only riding experience is a pony, and I’m scared of it.


Search for buckets and use them to fill an urn to receive the next set of instructions. Teams could choose a larger bucket that leaked or a smaller bucket that did not.

T: That’s just stupid as a challenge for claiming to be an impossible expedition. And the kasbah doesn’t look memorable

D: 1/5


Inflate a kayak and paddle four miles down river (Skill+Physical)

T: Ok challenge, but strangely boring.

D: 2/5


Search through the village craftsman’s dwelling to find a traditional lamp which will illuminate the finish line on a map. Then, travel two miles to an old bridge and search for the finish line at a hidden campsite.(Mental)

T: I’m surprised that the lead teams have finished the light challenge in just under 1 filming minute, inexcusable. Al least the lamps are pretty. Though the second part is genuinely tricky, it’s does not stood out.

D: 2/5

1. Joe (Brown) needs self-assurance that they really need to check, costing his team time.

2. Red and Pink decided to team up and pass up 2 teams.

3. Cop-Blue being the biggest loser of searching the finish line

So, we say goodbye to Mom’s Army, whose mom wasn’t the strongest candidate to go for an expedition with them.

Done? Sorry, this episode is just not exciting for work.

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