Expedition Impossible: I Don’t Know How To Ride This Thing

Sigh, when the intro only shows us 100% of the previous episode, and I’m not going to use the previews of the nest episode, it will result in a bland opening. But please stay to read.

This stage, it’s so difficult that it will be separated into 2 days. But at least one of the tasks is the teams old friend: Camels.

Lead Team: Purple

Second Group: Orange, Camo, Football-Blue

Third Group: Brown, Teal, Red

(Red is kinda worried about their progress, since the first 2 eliminations are both all-female. But then again, this is all merit, so who cares?)

Last Group: Fire-Blue, Pink, Cop-Blue, Yellow


Walk to an oasis, grab feed, walk to camel outpost, trade feed for camel, ride camel to an olive mill, collect barrels, carry them to a lake using camels, build a raft with the barrels, paddle to an island kasbah, paddle again to Shamil cove, walk to overnight camp  (Luck+ Skill+ Physical)

T: The camels are more aggressive than the first and it can be painful. But this is the 3rd challenge that involves riding animals, 2nd challenge that involves boat paddling (though it is more tougher). The island kasbah is an unfortunate waste (but paddling is very brutal), and I just combined 4 tasks into one.

D: 4/5

* Looking at LIndsey (Red) fell from the camel is painful.

* Felt bad for Erik (Orange) for being unable to contribute physically

* Everyone is starting to getting to enjoy the expedition (notably Yellow & Teal), physically exhausted or not.

* Well, except when you got horrible blisters on your feet, like Mackenzie (Red)

* Kinda funny how the first 2 teams and the last 2 teams stepped in together, well, no one is eliminated at the overnight camp, so…

Next day, not many people had a good rest, due to the wind getting worse. And the camp looks horrible.

P.S: By the way, I want more team interaction in the camps. It’s kinda boring if it goes on like this.

But whatever, the expedition still has to continue.

Lead Team: Purple, Camo

Second Group: Football-Blue, Orange

Third Group: Brown, Cop-Blue, Teal

Last Group: Fire-Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink


After walking miles to a castle beach, wrap a scroll around a pole to reveal the code to unlock the clue for the next trek. (Mental)

T: Sigh…those landscapes are beautiful.

D: 3/5 for teams that had to rely on themselves, and 2/5 for teams that do, since the scroll is actually tricky to observe the code.

Finish Line

To finish this expedition stage, choose a shorter, harder route through the mountains or a longer, easier route along the river to reach the finish line. (Physical)

T: Unfortunately, the longer easier route is the more faster, and teams can’t even navigate the mountains, so is not really balanced at all. Though it’s amusing where teams’ placement are swapped very bizarrely just by walking (though the river is really deep to walk).

And that’s it? The challenges in the 2nd day are way more lackluster than the first.

And so, we say good bye to the Yellow, Granpa’s Warriors, it’s nice knowing you a little (like the first 2 teams).

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