Expedition Impossible: A Blind’s Man Nightmare

Hi, I changed a new look for my profile page to suit what I’m currently recapping right now. I call the picture Camo 25, though strangely Country Boys are not my favorite team, just felt that this look suit my expedition.

And yeah, I made this as an opening just to do the opening.

Why did I recap this first over Kid Nation, Project Runway Canada or Work Of Art?

Another 2 day stage, at least the winner of this overnight camp will hear their voice of their loved ones besides a headstart.

Lead Team: Purple

Second Group: Fire-Blue, Orange, Football-Blue

Last Group: Teal, Pink, Brown, Cop-Blue, Camo

I’m surprised with the last group having all 5 teams. And strange that Dave didn’t mention Pink that they are the last all girl team standing right now.


Proceed to an artist’s tent where someone must duplicate a map on the body part of a teammate with Henna panit. Teams then use the map to navigate six miles into the Atlas Mountains to a 200 foot high cliff overlooking the Petrified Canyon, which they must rappel down. (Mental+Guts)

T: The Henna tattoo is really fun on paper (only a chuckle in the beginning), and it’s subtle on the difficulty (but it’s still kinda easy). Rappelling is rappelling, and walking is walking (even the terrain is quite challenging).

D: 2/5

* Akbar (Football-Blue) amazed that Erik (Orange) rappel down a mountain blind. For me I wouldn’t really care, since he already proved his wowness when he rappel down a more higher cliff in Episode 1.


Comb through the riverbed to find a rock with a fish fossil. Teams must then trade in the fossil at a local market for a fish dinner. Then go to the overnight camp, the loved ones voice awaits for you if you get first. (Luck)

T: The village seems nice, if they had focused it for more than 30 seconds.

* Both Fire-Blue and Orange initially threw their fossils, which means:

Orange: GPS? Compass?

Fishmonger: Heck off, fish fossil is more valuable than your technology.

* Purple (who got first, again) gave their reward to Orange, and it’s simply sweet.

* This is the third time in a row where Pink got lost in overnight camps.

After their night (seriously, what type of dish that they are preparing the fish?), the expedition continues.

Lead Team: Purple

Second Group: Football-Blue, Teal, Cop-Blue

Last Group: Pink, Fire-Blue, Brown, Orange, Camo


Solve a Moroccan lock puzzle for their instructions, then hike five miles up the river. (Mental)

T: The puzzle could have been more competitive between the teams if the edit didn’t just skip till which team finish the puzzle in which placement.

D: 3/5

* Pink (who finished 3rd in the lock puzzle, thanks to an Asian teammate) helped Fire-Blue to solve as a gratitude, and FIre-Blue still finished last.

* Purple had a navigational issue, which propel Teal to get 1st to get the next instruction. This is huge.


Teams must use their fingers to extract a key from a Moroccan mountain register. Inside they find the rappel rope they need to get to a riverbed below to the finish line. (Mental+Guts)

T: The mental puzzle is good, but taking 1 on screen minute to finish is boring.. Though 2 rappelling challenges in the same episodes is offensive when they are wanting to produce an impossible expedition

D: 1/5

* Christina physical weakness combined with their short fingers ended up dropping Pink in the danger zone.

* A really good race off for first between Teal and Purple, and Teal’s victory (due to Purple John breaking an ankle) sent waves that Purple might actually be beaten.

And now we say goodbye to New York Firemen, Fire-Blue, who except for their bond with Pink, are totally invisible.

Now 5 episodes done, 5 more to go.

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