Expedition Impossible: “There’s Snow In Morocco?”

Time for a new expedition in Morocco, this stage, they are traveling on snow.

P.S: Even I went back from a vacation, I have never heard that Camo talked about Chad being physically weak in the previous episode. But really, Chad even got outran by Black (Latin Persuasion, remember them?) when hiking up in sand dunes, so his teammates worries are justified.

Before the expedition begins (with Chad fears in high altitude), teams are required to wear a useful bracelet.

Lead Team: Purple

Second Group: Camo, Orange

Third Group: Football-Blue, Teal, Fire-Blue

AJ (Teal): My body is sick, and there are no possible customers that I can consult a mortgage loan.

Last Group: Cop-Blue, Pink, Red, Grey


Ascend the Atlas Mountains along a high ridgeline to a 10,000-foot high bluff. Then, unravel and tie together the cord bracelets each team was given to create one long fishing line that is attached to a hook and used to capture cages that are scattered on the bluff below. Inside the cage is a key that unlocks the next set of instructions, which is doing down to an overnight camp. (Physical, Skill + Luck)

T: The first part is exactly the same as the sand dune climbing, except with a higher altitude and a snowy terrain. The cage fishing is both original and difficult, with the temperature that amplifies the more impossible aspect of it.

D: 4/5

* Purple and Orange started to feel a bond with each other.

* Kari (Teal) dozing out when listening to the instructions of the fishing challenge despite being the team best candidate forced AJ to do the challenge despite being unwell. Results: A sick AJ being a narrator of the entire day about the current expedition.

* Pink and Fire-Blue bonded by cage fishing, with Fathead coaching Brittany how to throw the hook effectively (and since there’s no elimination + teams are separated by groups in departures, they all have nothing to lose). It’s a sweet moment after the monotony from scenes to scenes.

After a horrible sleep in snow and wind, the teams batter up miserably for the next day. One of the way to batter up is to belittle another team member, Lindsey (Red) towards Chad (Camo), since Mackenzie’s (Red) is in horrible shape, Chad’s stamina is Red’s current only to survive this stage.

Lead Team: Purple

Second Group: Orange, Football-Blue

Third Group: Grey, Cop-Blue, Red

Last Group: Pink, Teal, Fire-Blue, Camo


Have another mountain climb to get out of the snow and enter a farming village. Transport a farming plow with a mule up two-plus miles of switchbacks to a teahouse. Then trade the mule with a Ford Explorers that must be driven to The Farming Terraces (Physical, Luck)

T: The mule is a nice touch for an animal collection in the show and mechanical transportation is a nice relief for teams that uses feet or animals to continue their expedition, but other than that, it’s bland.

D: 2/5


Assemble the plow to dig up instructions in the farming field that lead to the finish. (Mental+Luck)

T: Strangely bland, even there is a battle between first or last.

D: 2/5

* A little chuckle with Ryan saving the narrator from wasting speaking energy about which teams got the instructions.

And after a river walk that shows no difficulty, we say goodbye to Team Kansas (Red), who actually had a good amount of screentime, which is a good thing with so many teams being invisible in this stage (Purple, Fire-Blue, Pink, Cop-Blue, Football-Blue, Brown).

13 teams of 3 from the start just makes it impossible for everybody to get airtime.

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